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BG & Angel


BG & Angel Harrington

BG – Born:  15 July 1996
BG – Crossed Over:  30 April 2012
Angel – Rescued:  1996
Angel – Crossed Over:  25 May 2012

It’s been hard to lose two of my best friends within a month.  The photo on the left is BG whom my husband brought home as a puppy. She so looked liked an old, muddy buffalo that we named her Buffalo Girl or BG.  She only loved Ben because I was the one who did all the horrible things to her such as bathe her, brush her, or perhaps cut her toenails.  On Friday afternoons when Ben came home, she would get up on the back of a chair and stare at the driveway when he was about ten minutes away.  It was uncanny how she knew he was almost home even though the times of day could be different.  BG died on April 30th.  On May 25th, I also lost Angel.  Angel came to us as a package deal in 1996 – she and her buddy Sable.  Angel was always the enforcer in our household.  She kept all the other dogs in their place.  If one of them became too playful or loud, she would stop them immediately.  But to us, she was a really lovable, little dog.  It’s hard to lose a four-legged companion.  To lose two, within such a short period of time has been all the more difficult.  I miss them very much.

With Love, Carol Harrington