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Adopt A Schnauzer!

We’re dedicated to adopting out our rescued Schnauzers and are thus committed to responding to your adoption application in a timely fashion.  If you have completed your application and you haven’t heard from anyone within 48 hours, please email us at or call us at 713-513-7811.  There are several REQUIRED entries in the adoption form below that must be completed or your adoption application will not be sent / processed.  Please remember to click the “I Agree” button at the end of the application.  In order to adoption, you must agree to the statement provided there.

The adoption application is the first step toward adoption and must be filled out prior to specific discussions with MSRH about our Schnauzers.  If you are interested in a specific dog, please let us know within the application.  If you find a new companion and are no longer interested in adopting a schnauzer from MSRH, please let us know that as well!

Volunteers at Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston, Inc. are dedicated to this breed.  We ask many questions of prospective adopters because we want the rescued dogs to find a home that’s just the right match for their specific personality.  Many of our rescues come to us from a less-than-desirable place and we want their next home to be a home for the rest of their lives.  A home visit is usually required.

Please be sure to educate yourself before choosing a dog of any breed.  If you’ve never had a Miniature Schnauzer as a pet before, please read and learn about the breed before deciding if this is the breed for you and your family.  The best decisions are informed decisions!  The “Our Resources” section of the web site contains some information about Miniature Schnauzers.

Our adoption fees generally run between $150 and $450 though there are certainly exceptions.  These fees help cover veterinary services including spay/neuter, shots, heartworm test (and treatment if positive), dental work as required and a microchip.  In short,  those who adopt dogs from MSRH can be assured the dog is healthy and thoroughly vetted.

Press your “Tab” key to move between fields. If you run out of space, just keep typing. All text will be sent, even if it seems not to “fit”.

Your Information
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Your Home & Family
  1. If your landlord requires a pet deposit, you must provide us with a copy of a paid receipt prior to finalizing the adoption. This is not needed for the application process but must be completed before the dog is placed in your home.
Your Pets
  1. If you have had pets in the last three years, valid vet information is required. We cannot process your application without this.
Your Future Pet
  1. NOTE: Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. The adoption fee to MSRH helps to defray the veterinarian cost associated with these rescued dogs. The fee is non-refundable and is paid at the time of adoption. There are no exceptions. If you have questions about our fees, please view the information on our website (left hand menu). We reserve the right to refuse any adoption we feel is not in the best interest of the dog or the adopter.

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