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Doggy ICU Patients – Past & Present

At MSRH, we want to get our Schnauzers into a loving forever home as soon as possible.  When they are healthy and ready to go, we don’t hold them back simply because we haven’t yet received donations to cover their veterinary care.  While the adoption fee covers some of the basic veterinary expenses, it does not cover the critical care expenses.  The table below is a partial listing of ‘patients’ and their outstanding medical bills that are on top of the normal veterinary bills that we accumulate (our vet bills are approximately $200,000 per year in total). Please consider donating to help MSRH (and future Schnauzers who may find themselves in a similar situation) by clicking on the “Donate” link on either our home page or the left hand menu inside our site (with instructions on how to donate by cash, check or credit card).  Credit card donations are secure via PayPal.  You can quickly donate by credit card by simply putting your donation in the box below and clicking “Donate”.  Thank You!

Current & Past ICU “Patients”


Surgery / Special Care Required


Hepatitis (died during treatment)
Black Jack (adopted)


Broken leg;  Hospitalized six weeks
Rae (adopted)


Hit by car;  Hip surgery
Felicia (adopted)


Surgery broken leg;  Teeth removal
Landry (adopted)


Remove mass in mouth; strenthen jaw bone
Steffi (adopted)


Repair torn diaphragm & dislocated hip
Wally (adopted)


Repair dislocated ribs & collapsed lung


Distemper (died during treatment)


Distemper & Parvo
Candy (Adopted)


Bacterial lung infection


Hepatitis (died during treatment)
Justice (adopted)


Hit by car;  Leg surgery
Bobby Joe (Adopted)


Remove stick in abdomen; Remove spleen
Crissy (Adopted)


Cody (Adopted)


Sarcoptic mange
Derek (Died During Treatment)


Ehrlichia (blood disease spread by ticks)
Freddie (Forever Foster)


Repair open portal shunt;  Nuclear Portagram
Greta Marie (Adopted)


Gallbladder surgery


 Died during treatment
Lila (Adopted)


Parvo (affects gastrointestines & cardiac)


 Died during treatment
Mitt (adopted)


Ear tumor & surgery to remove ear canal


Liver shunts, tick disease, died during treatment
Casper Laird


Lazarus (adopted)






Coilitis & serious dry eye;  saving his eye
Georgie (adopted)


Diaphragmatic hernia
Davie (adopted)


Broken leg;  Amputation; Hospitalization
Lucky (adopted)


Cataract surgery


Distemper;  Died during treatment


Tumors;  Died during treatment
Bobbi (adopted)


Amputation of right front leg


Pancreatitis, hemorraghic gastronitis
Libby Lou


Cancer;  Died during treatment
Kiefer (adopted)


Badly abused, multiple injuries
Laren (adopted)


Heart worm treatment complications


 Princeton         Jiggs
  Rae                  Steffi

  Greta Marie      Lila

wylie-1  Wylie             jesse-1  Jesse

cody-1 Cody              bobby-jo Bobby Joe

crissy-icu  Crissy           derek  Derek

freddie-4 Freddie          Mitt

 Cooley            Casper Laird

 Lazarus         Midnight

 Landrum         Georgie

 Davie               Lucky - 3 Lucky

Jenny - 3 Jenny              Kree - 2 Kree

Bobbi - 1 Bobbi