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5-New Beginnings

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We always create a quick New Beginnings posting when someone adopts from MSRH.  But the best stories are those that come from you!  What’s life like in your home with your MSRH Schnauzer(s)?  How has it changed your life?  Tell the MSRH Community all about it!  To get to our blog spot, click this link:   Go To The MSRH Adoption Blog


MSRH Team & Friends – - we are in desperate need of foster homes (and forever homes too!) for our little family members.  Abandoned dogs are coming to us in record numbers! Please, if you can help us – even for just a week or two - visit our “Volunteer!” page from the left hand menu inside the site to see how you can become a foster.  If you decide to foster, there is a Foster Agreement” form on the left hand menu inside the site.  If you cannot foster, but would like to help us with our $4,000 per month boarding cost, please consider donating to MSRH.  Click “Donate!” from either our home page or from the left hand menu inside the site.  Thank You and God Bless You! 

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***Adopted*** Beckie (now Maggie Louise)

Beckie1 Beckie Beckie3

Let’s have breakfast on the veranda or dinner out on the terrace? Let’s plan to have a beautiful day. The kind of day where anything might happen.  And happen it did!  My new mom and dad, Linda and Bryan said that I am headed to their forever home in Austin, Texas. I’ve also got a new name. Maggie Louise, so fitting of a lovely lady. Every day is going to be a great day.  Walks.  Playing in the backyard.  Cuddling on the couch. Just me being the special little lady that I am! Stay tuned for new pictures and stories of my forever home adventures!  Thanks MSRH – it’s a perfect match!

***Adopted*** Oscar Sam

 Oscar sam2 IMG_3481 Oscar Sam

Oh Boy! I’m trying to play it cool, since I am the most interesting dog in the world but I cannot. I’m so excited I cannot stop talking about it! I am taking the next transport to Michigan and into my new forever home. My new dad, Rob recently lost his little buddy, Harley the wonder dog. Dad promised to tell me all about him. Dad likes to visit the many lakes in Michigan and promised to take me too. Can you believe it? I get to play in water and get my paws dirty. . and it’s okay with everybody! I will be on my best behavior during transport, Dad! You will be so proud of me! Thank you MSRH. I cannot wait to send you new photos and updates of my new home in Michigan.

***Adopted*** Kage

Kage 3   Kage   Kage 2

I’m considered one of the most interesting dogs in the world. Why you ask? Well that’s because I found my loving forever home. There is no way I would of said no! My new mom and dad, Liz and Greg said they were looking for a very well behaved family member. I fit right in! I have two very sweet sisters, Ainsley and Reese and we are enjoying our playtime together. They have also given me so many hugs, toys and lots of excercise. I love it here and I love them so much!  Thank you MSRH, you really do make dreams come true.

***Adopted*** Ralphie


When you got it, you got it.  When you got it, flaunt it!  That’s what I did…I flaunted all my good skills and charm and convinced my new family, to take me to their loving forever home! I love it here with my new family…and I think they already love me too!  Good folks.  Good love.  A perfect home!  Stay tuned for new pictures and stories of my forever home adventures!  Thanks MSRH – you’re doing it right when they come back for more!

***Adopted*** Gatsby

IMG_3065 IMG_3067

“He had one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. It understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself.” I’m happy to say I am headed to Austin, TX …dog parks, restaurants, Lady Bird Lake, a loving family and cuddle sessions…there is just so much to do. Everything a good boy could want! Stay tuned for new pictures and stories of my forever home adventures! Thanks MSRH – you couldn’t have paired me with anyone better! Stay tuned for updated pictures and stories of my forever home adventures.

***Adopted*** Bradley


Close the door, leave the heat outside; Don’t need nothin’, cause I’m by your side. I’m a true believer now that I’m in the loving forever home of my new mom Dana! I also have two great human brothers! How cool is that. Stay tuned for new pictures and stories of my forever home adventures! Thanks MSRH.

***Adopted*** Pepper Jo

Pepper Jo1 Pepper Jo  Pepper Jo

Who doesn’t love a sweet and proper southern lady with a sunny disposition? My new family that’s who! Thank you MSRH you sure do know how to find the perfect home for the perfect miniature schnauzer. Stay tuned for updated stories and pictures of my forever home adventures.