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5-New Beginnings

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We always create a quick New Beginnings posting when someone adopts from MSRH.  But the best stories are those that come from you!  What’s life like in your home with your MSRH Schnauzer(s)?  How has it changed your life?  Tell the MSRH Community all about it!  To get to our blog spot, click this link:   Go To The MSRH Adoption Blog


MSRH Team & Friends – – we are in desperate need of foster homes (and forever homes too!) for our little family members.  Abandoned dogs are coming to us in record numbers! Please, if you can help us – even for just a week or two – visit our “Volunteer!” page from the left hand menu inside the site to see how you can become a foster.  If you decide to foster, there is a Foster Agreement” form on the left hand menu inside the site.  If you cannot foster, but would like to help us with our $4,000 per month boarding cost, please consider donating to MSRH.  Click “Donate!” from either our home page or from the left hand menu inside the site.  Thank You and God Bless You! 

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***Adopted*** Tawny (now Skye)

  Tawny Tawny (2)

“Don’t know when I’ve been so blue, Don’t know what’s come over you, You’ve found someone new and don’t it make my brown eyes blue!” Hello Gorgeous! When my new mom and dad looked into by beautiful brown eyes we all knew it was love at first sight! I’m not blue and we are all so happy! Thank you MSRH and stay tuned for updated photos and stories of our forever home adventures.

***Gia*** (now Mitzi)

Gia   Gia

My new mom and dad, stopped by the Kriser’s Meet and Greet last week and thought I was the most spunky, cutest and would be a great addition to their loving home. My name is now Mitzi. I am surrounded by a lot of love with my new two legged sister and brother Andrea and Benjamin. I also have a canine brother and new best friend named Spot. Spot and I are having a great time running around together and playing. Mom and Dad said they never knew Spot could be so energetic. Thank you MSRH, and stay tuned for updated photos and stories of my forever home adventures.

***Adopted*** Molly

Molly1     Molly      Molly

“I believe in looking, like my time on earth is cooking, whether polka dotted, striped or even checked. With some glamour guaranteeing, every fiber of my being is displayed to quite remarkable effect!” Well that is exactly what my new mom and dad, Jennifer and John wanted and that is exactly what they got in me; Glamourous! I’ve got a new brother, Jonathan. We are already the best of friends. His friends stopped by recently to welcome me to the family! I will have so many friends to play with! I sleep in Jonathan’s room to keep him company and at night I have to make sure everyone goes to bed at a decent hour! We all go on daily walks and I am having a swell time. Thank you MSRH and stay tuned for updated photos and stories of my forever home adventures.


Fiona (2)   Fiona   Fiona (3)

I’m proof that people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! People take one look at you and think they have you figured out, but what they see is not an exact representation of what you are. It’s true that I am nice and friendly and a terrific friend, but there’s a little princess diva hiding inside of me. Salutations, I’m Fiona. I’m four years old and weigh twelve pounds. I am a female Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer. I have natural ears and a docked tail. I tolerate other dogs, but would prefer to be an only dog. Let Princess Fiona shine! Will you give me a little time to warm up to you? I’m somewhat shy at first and will bark but tend to warm up quickly then you will be surrounded by acts of true love. I have earned my house training certificate and know how to use the doggie door. I haven’t been tested around children, so I should probably go to a home where the youngest is around twelve. I love to play fetch with floppy toys and enjoy chewing on antlers. I enjoy cuddling on the couch too. Oh, rub my ears! Are you an experienced dog owner looking for your princess then ask for me, Fiona on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $350

***Adopted*** Bidjet (now Bridgit)

Bidjet (4)  Bidjet (1)   Bidjet (2)
“If you’re in doubt about angels being real, I can arrange to change any doubts you feel. Wait’ll you see my Bidget, you’ll want her for your  Valentine” My name is Bidjet! Yes, that’s right, like Gidget, without the Ga. My new mom and dad, Sharon and Edmund were interested in a Valentine and now they have me. Thank you MSRH, a home for the holidays with my Angels is my holiday wish come true. Stay tuned for updated photos and stories of our forever home advenutures.

***Adoted*** Kira

Kira     Kira2  Kira

Did you know we dogs have a sixth sense? Yes, it’s true! It’s all about our nose . . . that’s because we can smell the past in the grass and can smell the future in the wind? Well I smelled the future when I met them. I saw myself being loved and cuddled with, by my new mom and dad; Lizzie and Jeremy. We will get the chance to take walks, play in the yard and cuddle at night. Thanks MSRH and stay tuned for updated photos and stories of my forever home adventures.

***Adopted*** Vinnie (now Vinny)

Vinnie  Vinnie Vinnie (4)

My buddy Ralphie  and I were rescued by MSRH at the same time from a kill shelter in Pasadena.  Thanks to MSRH, Ralphie found a home and now I was adopted by my new mom and dad, Linda and Ted. I also have a new best friend Bosco. He is a Yorkie with a big personality. He is showing me his favorite spots around the house. We already get along fine and the family and I are enjoying our daily walks. It’s given us time to bond. Thank you MSRH and stay tuned for updated photos and stories of my forever home adventures.