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5-New Beginnings

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MSRH Team & Friends – - we are in desperate need of foster homes (and forever homes too!) for our little family members.  Abandoned dogs are coming to us in record numbers!  Please, if you can help us – even for just a week or two - visit our “Volunteer!” page from the left hand menu inside the site to see how you can become a foster.  If you decide to foster, there is a Foster Agreement” form on the left hand menu inside the site.  If you cannot foster, but would like to help us with our $4,000 per month boarding cost, please consider donating to MSRH.  Click “Donate!” from either our home page or from the left hand menu inside the site.  Thank You and God Bless You! 

*** Adopted *** Deacon

Image 10  IMG_1575  IMG_1579

I was sad to leave my home a few months ago because Mom got a divorce and couldn’t afford to keep me any longer.  Luckily MSRH was there to step in and give me a temporary home until my new home was found.  I’m now with my new family, Joseph and Clint and my schnauzer brother, Jasper.  Life is good once again!   Thanks MSRH for helping me twice in my short lifetime.

*** Adopted *** Dory

Image 5

Sadly my new mom ended up being allergic to dogs.  Who knew!  Anyway, she took some medication while MSRH looked for a new home for me and along came Heather and Nicholas!  I get to stay in Austin and am now with my new family.  I have a schnauzer brother, Rex and all is going well with my new family.  Stay tuned for updated pictures and stories.

*** Adopted *** Tramp

Tramp - 2     Tramp - 1     Tramp - 3

I’m now living with my new mom, Lisa and schnauzer sister, Lucy Lu.  Mom has two cats, Stretch and Eddy and we’re having fun getting acquainted!   Mom is interested  in hiking and maybe doing some agility work–I’m so excited to get started!!!  Look for updated pictures and stories from my new forever home.

*** Adopted *** Topper

Image 1 Image 8 Image 9

Wow, I was just rescued by MSRH from the Pearland shelter and I already have my new home.  My new mom and dad, Marie and Raymond just lost Peppy and wanted to give another little guy a great home.  I’m on my way to Killeen and and will enjoy all of the cuddle time with my new family.  They like the same things I do, riding in the car, playing ball and going for walks!  Stay tuned for updates from my new home.  Thanks MSRH for taking care of me!

*** Adopted *** Pat

   Image 11 Image 12   IMG_7590

Over a year in rescue and my perfect family finally came along!  It was definitely fate.  My foster mom had Dr. Gearhart at North Houston Vet specialists perform surgery to help fix my dry eye condition.  Who knew that the doctor’s vet technician, Brooke, would fall in love  with me.  But what’s not to love?  Everyone that meets me, loves me.  They just couldn’t provide the care I need because of their work hours.  Brooke takes me to work with her!    I’m in great hands with the best medical care ever.  Plus, I get to sleep in bed with my new human brother,  Zane, curl up on the couch with mom while watching movies.   I even have a four-legged brother to hang out with.   Life gets better and better.    Thanks MSRH for giving me the time to find the perfect fit!!!

*** Adopted *** Russ

Image 12 Image 10 IMG_1567

From a stray wandering on the streets to a home in Galveston!   How lucky is that?  I also have a schnauzer sister, Emily to keep me company while mom, Lorrie is off to work.  As an additional bonus, another former MSRH alumni, Rae now called Gracie, is with my human grandmother.  I can just tell we are all going to have such fun together.  Here I am relaxing in my new home.  The middle picture is me with my siblings.  The one on the far left is Gracie.  I tried to fit on the ottoman, but just not enough room.  Mom said they are going to get a bigger one!  Thanks MSRH for helping me until my new home was found.

*** Adopted *** Kent & Flag

IMG_1749 IMG_0829 IMG_1732

We’re so excited to be headed to Canada and to have each other!!!   I hope we get to meet Clyde and Yoshi–they can tell us all about that snow stuff.   Our new mom, Julie is so looking forward to having us come live with her.  She’s a vet tech so we’ll get to go to work with her too.  How cool is that?   Stay tuned for updated pictures from our new home in Canada!  Thanks MSRH for rescuing us from those shelters so we can have the good life.