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MSRH’s Miniature Schnauzer “Inventory”

These Schnauzers in our “Looking For Homes” section are 100% healthy, fully vetted and ready for your loving forever home!  For a comprehensive view of all the Schnauzers in MSRH’s care, please also visit “Waiting In The Wings” and “Doggie ICU”.


MSRH Team & Friends – - we are in desperate need of foster homes (and forever homes too!) for our little family members.  Abandoned dogs are coming to us in record numbers!  Please, if you can help us – even for just a week or two - visit our “Volunteer!” page from the left hand menu inside the site to see how you can become a foster.  If you decide to foster, there is a Foster Agreement” form on the left hand menu inside the site.  If you cannot foster, but would like to help us with our $4,000 per month boarding cost, please consider donating to MSRH.  Click “Donate!” from either our home page or from the left hand menu inside the site.  Thank You and God Bless You! 

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Jasper1  Jasper3  Jasper

Hello, my name is Jasper. I’m a male silver schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail. I’m about four years old and I weigh approximately fifteen pounds. Aren’t I just adorable? I’m a very quiet boy and I walk well on a leash. I’m crate trained and doggy door trained. I could go to an apartment or a house with a big yard. I would enjoy walking the neighborhood with my new mom or dad. Fee: 350  


  Tank3  Tank2  Tank 
You know how hard it is to find a four leaf clover?   Well, it is just as hard to find a rescued puppy.  But look – here I am!  I’m Tank, a 4 month old mini schnauzer boy with natural ears and a docked tail.  I still have my baby teeth. I haven’t been groomed yet, but if I stand still long enough, I think it might happen.   I love to play with other dogs, I love to play with toys, I love to play with kids, I just LOVE TO PLAY.  I’m also smart.  I have learned to use the doggie door already, and I don’t have accidents in the house if you let me out frequently.  Because I’m full of puppy energy, I would prefer to have another doggie companion.  If you’re the one that finds the four leaf clover, I’m going home with you!
Fee $450

Maggie Renee

Maggie Renee maggie on sofa

Do you have a lap? Do you have a yard? I’m Maggie Renee, but you can call me Maggie. I’m eight years old and I just love to be in your lap. We can watch TV, or read, or you can talk about sports. I’m a good listener – just no politics, please. I also really enjoy rolling in the grass. Oh, it feels so good on a sunny day. I am a female, dark salt and pepper, with natural ears and a docked tail and I weigh 15 pounds. I am house trained, doggie door trained, and good with other dogs. I am also good with children. How much more perfect can you get? I think your lap is just the perfect size, so ask for Maggie, and we’ll seal the deal. Fee $250



IMG_2273 IMG_2274  IMG_2277

A neutron walks into a bar and asks how much for a drink. The bartender replies “for you, no charge”. Ha! That’s me Kage and I’m one big jokester! I’m a male and gray miniature schnauzer. I am three years old and weigh approximately sixteen pounds.  I’ve got natural ears and a natural tail. I like trying out my new material with my dorm buddies. I’m crate trained and get a standing ovation during social hour. Want me to tell you a joke, ask for me Kage on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $350


IMG_2629   IMG_2641

“Great perils have this beauty, that they bring to light the fraternity of strangers.” Hi, My name is Emmy and I would love to meet you and not be strangers anymore. I’m a female black miniature schnauzer. I am about four years old and weigh thirteen pounds. I have natural ears and a natural tail. I’m considered a real beauty around here! Please don’t make me blush. I’m just a sweet lady who minds her manners.  I’m learning all kinds of things at Almost Home Kennel and Doggie Day Care.  Mind your manners during lunch and play well with others during playtime. Let’s not be strangers anymore, ask for me Emmy on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $350 


IMG_2621 1526189_10152531952084305_3448845510614474512_n

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.” Hi! I’m Lilu and I dream of a family and home all my own. I’m a female, salt and pepper miniature schnauzer.  I’m about two years old ad weigh eleven pounds. I would have so many things planned for my new family. First I would take them for a walk around the neighborhood. Next, I would cuddle with them on the couch while they read a good book. Lastly and if they agree, treats for everyone! I am here waiting for you while you decide.  Remember, I’ve got treats on our agenda. So, ask for me Lilu on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $450


Spanky Spanky2 

Spanky : Howdy, Mister. Me and my buddies have to build a new clubhouse and we need to buy some lumber. Lumberyard Clerk: What kind?  Spanky: Wood!
The name is Spanky! I’m a male parti colored black, white and gray male and check it out; I’ve got spots! I’m about two years old and weigh seventeen pounds. I’ve got natural ears and a docked tail. All the little Rascals and I are here at Almost Home having all kinds of club meetings! Earlier we had bath and groom hour and wouldn’t you know it, I behaved and kept my jokes to myself! Baths make me feel good. I do well in a crate and like to have fun with my fellow rascals. If you like jokes, ask for me Spanky on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $450