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MSRH Team & Friends – – we are in desperate need of foster homes (and forever homes too!) for our little family members.  Abandoned dogs are coming to us in record numbers! Please, if you can help us – even for just a week or two – visit our “Volunteer!” page from the left hand menu inside the site to see how you can become a foster.  If you decide to foster, there is a Foster Agreement” form on the left hand menu inside the site.  If you cannot foster, but would like to help us with our $4,000 per month boarding cost, please consider donating to MSRH.  Click “Donate!” from either our home page or from the left hand menu inside the site.  Thank You and God Bless You! 

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MSRH’s Miniature Schnauzer “Inventory”

These Schnauzers in our “Looking For Homes” section are fully vetted and ready for your loving forever home!  For a comprehensive view of all the Schnauzers in MSRH’s care, please also visit “Waiting In The Wings” and “Doggie ICU”.


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Hello, I’m Sky. I’m a female salt and pepper miniature schnauzer mix with natural ears and docked tail. I’m about two and a half years old and I weigh about thirteen pounds. My ethnicity is a bit undefinable; MSRH believes I’m a product of a schnauzer and a mysterious stranger (you know how adventurous schnauzers can be).  I was rescued all the way up from the valley. My foster Mom said I’m attentive, responsive, sweet and very smart, plus loving and lovable! Wow, what an endorsement! I do bark on walks at other dogs, but a little training can fix that.  I just need to know I am safe and not responsible for protecting my human. While I do get along with other dogs, I would prefer to be your only one. I also love going for rides in the car. I’m especially good at ridding your big backyard of any squirrels and can even climb trees to chase them away. Mom has been working with me on my fear of the clippers and I’m becoming more relaxed. On top of that, I’m crate trained and house trained. So, how about it? Ask for me, Sky, on your MSRH adoption application.  Adoption Fee $350

Everybody loves Puppies! Available September 5


To see a video of Doc playing click Doc.MOV

The puppies are ready for adoption. Fill out your adoption application and reserve your new family member today. Catelyn (adoption pending) is a sweet and beautiful salt and pepper miniature schnauzer with natural ears and docked tail. Her puppies (7 boys and 1 girl) are nine weeks old. The puppies are The puppies weigh between 3 lbs. (Snow) – 6 lbs. (Sleepy) You will have to sign a spay and neuter agreement. All puppies have natural ears and three puppies (Snow White, Doc and Bashful) have natural tails with white tips. The rest have docked tails. We will continue updating information on Catelyn and her puppies between now and then. In the meantime, if you are interested in one or more of the puppies please complete an adoption application. Fee: $250 each

      Catelyn1  Catelyn

Momma Catelyn has a pending adoption.


Image 23 Image 20

Hi, I’m Lili. I’m a white female miniature schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail. I’m about five years old and I weigh about sixteen pounds. I’m on prescription food to control bladder stones –but it’s not expensive. I’m just a little cuddle bug, loving and laid back. My favorite past times are cuddling in your lap, exploring my surroundings, eating and sleeping. I love my human and can get very vocal if other canine buddies are around, so I should go to a home where I’m your one and only baby. I’m also fine with kids, but when they get noisy so do I. So a quiet home for me to love on you is what I’m looking for. I’m crate trained and house trained and can be left alone without you worrying about me chewing anything! My foster Mom said I would be a dream dog for someone.  What an endorsement. Come and visit me soon. Ask for me, Lili, on your MSRH adoption application. Adoption Fee:  $350


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I’m Pia, a young eight year old female black and silver miniature schnauzer, weighing a tiny nine lbs., with a natural tail and ears.   My foster Dad brags that I have the sweetest disposition.  I have to say I really enjoy my foster home  and have been perfect about my house training.   Don’t won’t to ruin a good thing!   Living here is so much better than being in that animal shelter.  I also enjoy our extended walks and my foster mini schnauzer sister is the icing on the cake.   While I haven’t been around small children since being with MSRH, my foster Dad says I should do well.    I do like to explore the world, so please don’t leave a door open as I am off to see where those squirrels are hiding!  Ask for me, Pia, on your MSRH adoption application!  Adoption Fee:  $250

Madison (being fostered in Dallas)

  Madison 2     Madison 1

Bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. Hi, I’m Madison and I am a female lightly colored salt and pepper miniature schnauzer mix. I may even have a little Yorkie in me. I’m sixteen months old and weigh eight pounds. I’ve got natural ears and a natural tail. My previous owners surrendered me because they wanted MSRH to find the best home for me. One with an experience puppy owner to provide me guidance. Have you ever heard of puppy energy burn off? You know the kind, a good energy burn off where I can rip around full speed, being silly, clumsy, bouncy and a typical puppy. I just come alive! If an energy burn off comes up when you are at home with me, it can provide you with an excellent opportunity to structure some really fun and educational use of my playtime. It may be just me inviting you to a play session. Oh, I have so much to learn and I’m taking notes. I am crate trained but have not earned my house training certificate. I would do best in a home with other canine siblings. I know that now I’m in a safe place and I will find my new forever home. Ask for me, Madison on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $450


  Barkley3  Barkley Barkley1

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty ‘Hi-yo, Silver’- Hi, I’m Barkley and I am a salt and pepper male miniature schnauzer. I am only four years old and weigh about seventeen pounds. I’ve got natural ears and a natural tail. Like Silver the horse I can be your faithful and trusty companion. I ride well in the car, great during meal time and I’m very social at the dog park. I am crate trained, but don’t really care for it.  I would rather be with you at your side and ready for any adventure that awaits us. I am extremely fond of long car rides. See I have an adventurer spirt, just like Silver! So, ask for me Barkley on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $350


Mickey - 5     Mickey - 6     Mickey - 4

“I is just what I was;  And am ain’t who I be!  To love the language, you got to be born on the banks of the Mississippi!” I’m not from Mississippi.  Well, maybe I am.  All I know is, I love the South!  Such culture.  Such good family time! I want to be a part of that. I want a home where there’s love like that!  I’m Mickey and I’m a male, black Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a natural tail.  I’m about three years old and I weigh about twenty pounds.  I was given up by my family after they moved into an apartment. No where to run. No where to be free. Yea…I wasn’t too happy with it either. I need a home. A yard. Squirrels to chase.  I want the whole enchilada! I love being with my family and I’m not too interested in other dogs. But it may be that I’m just not exposed to dogs that want to play and have a good time.  I’m all about play and good times!  It may take some getting used to though. Let’s take it slow and see how it goes!  I’ve been around kids but young ones make me a little nervous.  Admittedly, I’m a bit of a stuffed animal bandit.  If it’s stuffed, it’s mine.  That’s really all I need to say about that. I’d like a home with older children or an all-adult home. Young children do not like their stuffed animals taken. I’ve learned that! I’m crate trained and I’m house trained too. I can be the pet you want.  I’m ready! I don’t care where you’re from!  You may not understand everything I say…but you can understand this:  I want to be in your forever home!  Ask for me, Mickey, on your MSRH adoption application!  Adoption Fee: $250