Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston

1-Looking for Homes

Sir Austin

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Hear ye! Hear ye! I’m Sir Austin and I’m a male black and white male miniature schnauzer with natural ears and a natural tail. I’m about two years old and weigh about thirteen pounds. I’ve been granted this high honor by the lords and ladies of MSRH.  Thank you MSRH, I will not let you down.  I’m a brave, loyal, honest and chivalrous schnauzer who wishes to escort you on walks, protect your kingdom and create memories with my new family. My house training skills are being evaluated, but once I get my results be sure to listen to the town crier. Let’s have a fairy tale ending. Ask for me, Sir Austin on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $450


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“You put your front paw in, you take your front paw out; You put your front paw in, and you shake it all about; you do the schnauzer pokey and you twirl yourself around” Hi I’m Annaliese and I’m learning all kinds of things at Almost Home Kennel and Doggie Day Care, but right now it is dance hour and I am twirling myself about! I’m a female salt and pepper miniature schnauzer.  I’m about eight years old and weigh approximately fifteen pounds. I have cropped ears and docked tail. During the day I have very limited vision an may only see shadows, but at night I’m completely blind. That’s okay, night time is for sleeping anyways. I am such a good student, that I doing well during social hour, mind my manners during lunch and really enjoy nap hour. If you want to do the schnauzer pokey with me, ask for Annaliese on your MSRH adoption application.  Fee: $250 “That’s what it’s all about!”


IMG_2394  Rose3  Rose

Hello, my name is Rose. I’m a salt and pepper female miniature schnauzer with cropped ears and a docked tail. I’m about four years old and I weigh approximately seventeen pounds. My foster mom has been taking very good care of me and I’m now at my proper weight. I have a confession: I absolutely love to eat. I’m very sweet, calm, mature, smart, obedient, and I only want to please. Mom says that I’m very owner attached and I would go between mom and my foster sister so that I would get the same amount of attention. But I’m a dog Mom; it’s in my DNA to be attached to my parents. I’m not aggressive but I get anxious and I bark sometimes especially when Mom is leaving the house. Mom is trying to train me with the barking by using treats (she know me too well). I do get along with my doggie sister and we do play sometimes. I would do well as your only baby or with another mellow canine sibling. I may not be a good match with younger children because I’m not the high energy, fetch the ball kind of girl. I’m crate trained; I can stay in it all day long with no problem. Mom reported that she took me to the Reliant Dog Show and that I behaved so beautifully. I did not bark and I let all kinds of strangers pet me. Well of course, I LOVE attention and love! I’m good during the bathing sessions, riding in a car, walking on a leash and best of all my goal in life is to please my human. I will make an excellent and loving companion to anyone who appreciates the calmness, gratitude, and loyalty of us rescue doggies. Please come and get to know me. Ask for me, Rose, on your MSRH adoption application. Adoption Fee:  $350.



 May1 IMG_3502 May4

Hi, I’m May! I am a black and silver, female miniature schnauzer with natural ears and docked tail. I’m about ten years old and weigh approximately thirteen pounds. The shelter staff were sad to see the shape I was in when found and immediately contacted MSRH. I’ve been receiving a lot of TLC lately and it shows. My foster family reports that I’m an easy going girl, who loves to cuddle, walks well on a leash, is crate and house trained. I get a little nervous when you leave but my foster family is helping me build my confidence that they will return.  Don’t reveal my secret, it’s only that I really like to hang out with my human. I do well around other dogs.  So if you are looking for a traveling companion, who loves the beach and enjoys to snuggle…I’m your gal. Ask for me, May, on your MSRH adoption application. Adoption Fee: Zero. MSRH would appreciate any donation, so they can continue to rescue seniors who need homes, like me! Their main goal is to find us all loving homes.


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Howdy!  My name is Samuel.  I’m a male salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  I’m about nine years young and I weigh about fourteen pounds.  Like most senior doggies, I’m very well-behaved and sweet.  I get along with other dogs.  I still like to play but my favorite pastime is sitting on your lap just savoring the love.  I love quiet car rides and being with my human.  I am crate trained and doggy door trained.  If you want the love, loyalty, and quiet companionship of a senior dog, I’m your boy!  Please come and find out for yourself. Ask for me, Samuel, on your MSRH adoption application!  Adoption Fee: $250


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Hello, I’m Ponka.  I’m a male salt and pepper mini schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  I’m about two years old and I weigh about fifteen pounds.  Our previous owner dropped me and Miss Tinker together at a Galveston kill shelter.  Thanks MSRH for giving us another chance.  I’m as sweet as can be; just look at my pictures.  I get along with other dogs and I’m easy to handle.  I should be good with children too.  Just like Miss Tinker, I’m also the silent schnauzer type.  On top of that, I’m crate trained and house trained.  If you want a loving, sweet, and undemanding pet, I’m your boy! Ask for me Ponka on your MSRH adoption application. Adoption Fee: $450



Kingston PS Kingston Kingston 2

Hello, my name is Kingston.  I’m a male salt and pepper miniature schnauzer with natural ears and tail.  I’m about three years old and I weigh about fifteen pounds.  Due to my past hardships, I’m bit fearful of new people although I like to be petted.  Fortunately, I have made great progress with my trainer.  I can now walk nicely on a leash.  I get along well with other dogs and I would do well in a home with at least another canine sibling.  I’m also good with cats!  Plus, I’m completely house and crate trained.  I would be fine with teenage children but younger kids make me nervous.  And get this, I’m a quiet schnauzer.  I hope my new mom or dad will be patient with me in gaining my trust.  But I promise this: When I know I’m loved, I will repay you with all my love and loyalty.  Ask for me, Kingston, on your MSRH Adoption Application.  Adoption Fee:  $350


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I’m Austin and I’m a male, black, Miniature Schnauzer mix with natural ears and a natural tail.  I’m about two years old and I weigh about eighteen pounds.   My foster mom says I’m a super sweet  and affectionate boy.  I’m also energetic, athletic, agile and FAST!!!!!  I just completed a month of training at Club Canine in the Thinking Dog System.  I’m very intelligent and quickly learned to focus on my human, to wait quietly by your side, to ignore other distractions and to focus on you!  I would LOVE someone who likes agility or obedience.  I love working.  I also love to run, so a running partner would be awesome or a nice big yard where I can patrol and chase those squirrels away. I also love toys and can keep myself entertained for hours. I don’t need a playmate, but if there is one in the house, that’s OK with me too. I’m fine with cats too. I’m crate and house trained and good being groomed.  I would prefer a home without small children. What’s not to love about a well mannered dog?  Ask for me, Austin, on your MSRH adoption application.  Adoption Fee:  $350


***Adoption Pending*** Jaxie

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Hi, I’m Jaxie.  I’m a male silver miniature schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  I’m about three years old and I weigh about twenty four pounds.  Overweight you say?  I say pleasantly plump.  I’m a quiet but sweet boy.  My mom passed away last year and I lost the only home I knew.  I know I will soon find a new forever home where I will be cherished and taken care of as much as I love.  I get along with other dogs.  I’m kind of shy around younger children but I should do well with older kids.  I’m crate trained and house trained.  One thing I need to tell you, I’m kind of scared of the fireworks.  But I know my new mom or dad will keep me safe.   Ask for me, Jaxie, on your MSRH adoption application.  Adoption Fee:  $350


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Hello, I’m Henley.  I’m a white female miniature schnauzer mix with natural ears and tail.  I’m eight months  old and I weigh around eighteen pounds.  I’m a very friendly and lovable girl who just likes to be held.  I’m calm and I should do fine with kids.  I’m crate trained and may be house trained.  My MSRH friend reported that, during the ride from the shelter, I let her know in no uncertain terms that she had to stop the car.  She then realized that I had to potty and I knew I wasn’t supposed to do it in my crate.  Once she stopped and cleaned out the crate, I slept like a baby.  See how smart and good I am?  Please come and visit me soon. Ask for me, Hanley, on your MSRH Adoption Application.  Adoption Fee:  $450