Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston

1-Looking for Homes


Nikki (1) Nikki (2)  Nikki (3)

“Oh  .. Why you look so sad, the tears are in your eyes . . .come on and come to me now, and don’t be ashamed to cry, let me see you through, ’cause I’ve seen the dark side too.
When the night falls on you, you don’t know what to do, Nothing you confess could make me love you less …I’ll stand by you.” My name is Nikki and I’m a female Miniature Schnauzer. My body is black with tan and my face has white furnishings. I’m about 11 months old and weigh fourteen pounds. I have natural ears and a docked tail. When I was rescued by MSRH I was in bad shape, because of heart worms. I was such a youngling and haven’t quite earned my house training certificate.  I’m eager to learn and only want to make you proud of me. I am very playful and very friendly, so I should be great with children. Oh, we would have so much fun since I have the energy to keep up with them or a canine friend to chase. That would be the most fun. I am happy to say that I am crate trained and that is one step closer to earning my house training certificate. I’ve come such a long way and all I need now is a forever home to call my own. A home full of love, a soft bed, a little peanut butter every now and then. Yes!!  Peanut Butter. So if you want me to stand by you, ask for Nikki on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $450


Kira     Kira2  Kira

Did you know we dogs have a sixth sense? Yes, it’s true! It’s all about our nose . . . that’s because we can smell the past in the grass and can smell the future in the wind? My name is Kira and I’m a female Silver and White Miniature Schnauzer. I’m eight years old and weigh sixteen pounds. I have natural ears and a docked tail. I’m so young at heart, that I like playing with toys and really enjoy the occasional rawhide chew. I am also proud to say that I’m crate trained and have earned my house training certificate. I like to play with canines but can be kind of bossy, so a submissive or neutral canine friend would work best for me. I have not been tested around children, but once my foster family does you will be the first to know! Let’s learn about the future together! Ask for me Kira on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $250


Jared1  Jared   Jared

Hi there, my name is Jared. I’m a white male miniature schnauzer. I’ve got natural ears and a docked tail. I am five years old and weigh fourteen pounds. I get along great with other dogs, however I am human oriented so you won’t find me chasing or wrestling with other canine companions. How about we sit on this couch and enjoy some cuddle time? You must also know that I like to give kisses. Hey are you reading a book? Why don’t you just pet me instead . . yes there . . behind my ear! I don’t bark much so I should do fine in an apartment, but will need walks to burn off energy. I’m on the search for anyone who likes taking walks or will take me to the dog park. Are you interested in a sweet boy who loves to give kisses? Then ask for me Jared, on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $350

Captain Cash

Captain Cash (4) Captain Cash (3) Captain Cash (1)
“Hold fast to dreams . . for when dreams go . . .life is a barren field frozen with snow!” The name is Captain Cash. I’m a Silver and Pepper male Miniature Schnauzer. I’m about two years old and weigh sixteen pounds. Can you believe my previous owners abandoned me on the streets in San Marcos, Texas? Kind people picked me up and contacted MSRH and now I know my luck will completely change. I’m a very obedient schnauzer who really likes to play, but I love to cuddle that much more. My personality is Non Alpha and I get along great with other dogs, so I can go to a home with or without other canine companions. I have not been tested around cats, but I am so obedient I should be fine. I also haven’t been tested around children so I should probably go to a home where everyone is over the age of twelve. My foster mom reports that I behave during baths and enjoy being groomed. Naturally I like to look my best. I have earned my house training certificate. I will not jump on furniture unless invited. I want to know you want me there next to you cuddling and loving on you. Do you want to give me a belly rub? Yes, I’m always available for that! My foster mom reports that I will sit and stare at you when I’m hungry, want attention or need to be let outside. Please refer to Image 3 above. I’m holding on to my dream of you, my new family. Ask for Captain Cash on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $450



“There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, Alonzo. They were shining there for you and me for liberty, Alonzo.” My name is Alonzo, and I’m a male white miniature schnauzer. I’m three years old and weigh about twenty one pounds. I’ve got natural ears and a natural tail. I’ve earned my house training certificate and I know how to use a doggy door. I get along with other dogs so I could go home as your only best friend or as an addition to your pack. I have not been tested around cats. I’m looking for a special family that will give me patience and time to bond with them.  . .you see life on the streets makes you so independent. You learn to rely on only yourself. MSRH volunteers and my foster stepped right up to build my confidence, give me structure and discipline. They report that I play like a puppy with toys, other dogs and my human. Let’s take a walk, play in the yard or you could give me some of that yummy peanut butter. Ask for me Alonso, on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $350

Molly (fostered in Austin)

Molly1     Molly2     Molly

“I believe in looking, like my time on earth is cooking, whether polka dotted, striped or even checked. With some glamour guaranteeing, every fiber of my being is displayed to quite remarkable effect!” My name is Molly. I’m a gorgeous female silver miniature schnauzer. I’m about four years old and weigh twenty pounds. I have natural ears and a docked tail. My foster family has been taking good care of me and my furnishings really show it…long, lush and lustrous. I have earned my house training certificate. Cats and other dogs can get grumpy around me so I should probably go to a home where I’m your only one. I just want you to be proud of me. I mind my manners so I will sleep in my own bed, but if you want we can share your bed. I like playing with toys and can entertain myself easily. If you are looking for a cuddle bug that likes kisses ask for me Molly, on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $350


  Banjo (1)   Banjo (2)  Banjo (4)

Let’s enjoy the changing of the seasons by sitting on the back porch and soaking in the sun during the day and the cooler temperatures during the early evening! I’m Banjo, a female miniature schnauzer with natural ears and natural tail. I’m two years old and weigh the perfect fifteen pounds. I’m crate trained and working on earning my house training certificate. I also know how to use the doggy door. My foster mom says I’m really a very happy and sweet girl, who gets along with anyone. could be with another doggie friend or be an only pup. I will tell you a secret; I even like my vet, but don’t tell him that. Us girls need to keep secrets. I love hanging out with my foster brother, we like looking out the front door. We need to keep tabs on the neighborhood squirrels. Make sure they are behaving! I also love cuddling. I will sit and lay my head on your lap while you watch TV, read a good book or just enjoy each other’s company. Ask for me, Banjo on your MSRH adoption application. Fee $450

Lili (Adoption Pending)

Image 23 Image 20

Hi, I’m Lili. I’m a white female miniature schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail. I’m about five years old and I weigh about sixteen pounds. I’m on prescription food to control bladder stones –but it’s not expensive. I’m just a little cuddle bug, loving and laid back. My favorite past times are cuddling in your lap, exploring my surroundings, eating and sleeping. I love my human and can get very vocal if other canine buddies are around, so I should go to a home where I’m your one and only baby. I’m also fine with kids, but when they get noisy so do I. So a quiet home for me to love on you is what I’m looking for. I’m crate trained and house trained and can be left alone without you worrying about me chewing anything! My foster Mom said I would be a dream dog for someone.  What an endorsement. Come and visit me soon. Ask for me, Lili, on your MSRH adoption application. Adoption Fee:  $350


IMG_0773 IMG_0759 IMG_0760

I’m Pia, a young eight year old female black and silver miniature schnauzer, weighing a tiny nine lbs., with a natural tail and ears.   My foster Dad brags that I have the sweetest disposition.  I have to say I really enjoy my foster home  and have been perfect about my house training. Don’t want to ruin a good thing! Living here is so much better than being in that animal shelter.  I also enjoy our extended walks and my foster mini schnauzer sister is the icing on the cake.   While I haven’t been around small children since being with MSRH, my foster Dad says I should do well.    I do like to explore the world, so please don’t leave a door open as I am off to see where those squirrels are hiding!  Ask for me, Pia, on your MSRH adoption application!  Adoption Fee:  $250

Madison (being fostered in Dallas)

  Madison 2     Madison 1

Bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. Hi, I’m Madison and I am a female lightly colored salt and pepper miniature schnauzer mix. I may even have a little Yorkie in me. I’m sixteen months old and weigh eight pounds. I’ve got natural ears and a natural tail. My previous owners surrendered me because they wanted MSRH to find the best home for me. One with an experience puppy owner to provide me guidance. Have you ever heard of puppy energy burn off? You know the kind, a good energy burn off where I can rip around full speed, being silly, clumsy, bouncy and a typical puppy. I just come alive! If an energy burn off comes up when you are at home with me, it can provide you with an excellent opportunity to structure some really fun and educational use of my playtime. It may be just me inviting you to a play session. Oh, I have so much to learn and I’m taking notes. I am crate trained but have not earned my house training certificate. I would do best in a home with other canine siblings. I know that now I’m in a safe place and I will find my new forever home. Ask for me, Madison on your MSRH adoption application. Fee: $450