Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston

1-Looking for Homes


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I’m Austin and I’m a male, black, Miniature Schnauzer mix with natural ears and a natural tail.  I’m about two years old and I weigh about eighteen pounds.   My foster mom says I’m a super sweet  and affectionate boy.  I’m also energetic, athletic, agile and FAST!!!!!  I just completed a month of training at Club Canine in the Thinking Dog System.  I’m very intelligent and quickly learned to focus on my human, to wait quietly by your side, to ignore other distractions and to focus on you!  I would LOVE someone who likes agility or obedience.  I love working.  I also love to run, so a running partner would be awesome or a nice big yard where I can patrol and chase those squirrels away. I also love toys and can keep myself entertained for hours. I don’t need a playmate, but if there is one in the house, that’s OK with me too. I’m fine with cats too. I’m crate and house trained and good being groomed.  I would prefer a home without small children. What’s not to love about a well mannered dog?  Ask for me, Austin, on your MSRH adoption application.  Adoption Fee:  $350


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Hi, I’m Gunnar.  I’m a male salt and pepper miniature schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  I’m about two years old and I weigh about seventeen pounds.  My previous owners said they couldn’t afford to care for me anymore.  How could that be, I wonder?  I’m a very sweet boy who bonds easily with my humans.  Because the abandonment is still fresh, I’m even a bit needy at times.  But some humans think needy doggies are the best, right?  I’m afraid of larger dogs and bark at them but I’m never aggressive and would never attack.  I’m fine with smaller dogs.  I would do best in a home as an only doggy or with one other canine sibling.  MSRH sent me to a two-week training class at Meadow Lake Pet Resort and I’m learning the basic commands such as Sit, Come, Stay, Down and not to bite the leash on walks.  I graduated, but am looking for a home will continue my training.  Oh, I’m crate trained and house trained. Ask for me, Gunnar, on your MSRH adoption application.  Adoption Fee:  $450

Marvin (fostered in Austin)

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Hello, I’m Marvin. I’m a black male miniature schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail. I’m six years old and I weigh about eighteen pounds. My previous owners were moving and decided they couldn’t take me with them. My foster mom said that I’m a very sweet and playful boy but I have trust issues (MSRH suspects from having been mistreated in the past).  I’m afraid and nervous of fast movements, loud voices and strangers in the house.  My foster mom is working very hard on my trust issues and my human brother likes taking me to throw the ball to get me getting used to meeting new people.  When I’m nervous I bark and growl but I do not make any movement of biting because I’m not aggressive.  I do love being outside on the yard but I need to be watched closely to make sure I don’t eat anything like grass.  You see, I have sensitive stomach and if I  eat anything other than my dog food I will throw up.  So my foster mom just has to keep an eye on me.  I love playing with toys; retrieving toys is my favorite!  I should be fine with kids over twelve years old.  I know commands such as “Sit” and “Come”.  I’m crate trained  and completely house trained.  I’m definitely a good protector and I don’t mind being your one and only baby.  I’m not suitable for apartment living because of the barking and growling at others along the sidewalk! (I just can’t help myself, after all I’m a schnauzer).  I hope to meet my forever mom or dad soon who has the patience to work through my trust issues.  With love, training and patience I know I will make an excellent pet and companion. Ask for me, Marvin, on your MSRH adoption application. Adoption Fee: $350

Bonnie Lee

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Hello, my name is Bonnie Lee.  I’m a female salt and pepper mini schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  I’m about six years old and I weigh about eighteen pounds. See these sad eyes? My previous owner dropped me off at a kill shelter because they no longer wanted me. I tend to be shy and even frightened of unfamiliar people at first. Sitting seems the best way for an unfamiliar human to greet me; but once I get to know you, you will discover my very sweet and affectionate disposition.  I will greet you while standing on my hind legs, reaching for your face and staring deep into your eyes with my loving soulful eyes. I’m a very quiet girl who does not like to bark – unless startled, or unless the doorbell rings. I prefer a quiet home and I don’t mind being your only baby. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m scared of thunder and rain storms and when these bad guys are around I usually hide in a closet or a dark place under the bed. I have to confess that eating is my favorite thing. My foster mama has words of caution for my new forever mom or dad: “beware not to leave any food on the table with a chair nearby”. Oh Mom, I’m not really that bad! Now all I hope for is a warm and loving forever home where I don’t have to experience the heartache of abandonment again. BTW, I’m completely house-trained. If you are looking for a sweet, quiet, and very loving girl, I’m here waiting for you. Ask for me, Bonnie Lee on your MSRH adoption application.  Fee $350.


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“I’ve been put down;  I’ve been pushed ’round.  When will I be loved?  I’ve been made blue;  I’ve been lied to.  When will I be loved?  When I find a new man, that I want for mine.  He always breaks my heart in two;  It happens every time!”  Well, I’m not going to let it happen again!  I want a forever home….with emphasis on forever!  I’m Rosalind.  Kind of sounds like Rondstadt doesn’t it?  A little bit.  OK, maybe not.  I’m a female, salt & pepper Schnauzer mix (probably part Bichon Frise) with natural ears and a natural tail.  I’m about five years old and I weigh about eighteen pounds.  I was a little timid when I first came to MSRH but now that I’m in a loving MSRH foster home, I’m getting back to my ol’ self!  My foster mom says I’m a very sweet girl.  In addition to my human friends, I also get along with other four-legged friends too!  I can go to a home with or without another four-legged friend.  I’m crate trained and completely house trained.  I love the outdoors and enjoy playtime with my human.  I also enjoy cuddle time with my human but sometimes I like alone time too.  Kind of like a cat!  I’m a good traveler and Mom is working on my leash training skills.  I know some basic commands and I’m warming up to everyone I meet!  So….”Tell me, when will I be loved?”  It starts today!  Right after you ask for me, Rosalind, on your MSRH adoption application!  Adoption Fee:  $250


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Are you searching for your gentle giant? My name is Nolan.  I’m a male salt and pepper miniature schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  I’m about three years old and I weigh about thirty pounds.  Yes that’s right; I’m a big boy.  You may even say overweight but that’s just semantics, right?  I had a very nice but elderly mom who took very good care of me.  Yes, lots of treats!!  But now that my mom is getting on in years, she realizes that I need to be with a younger and more active family.  I’m a sweet and friendly boy who loves people and gets along with other dogs.  I’m very active and energetic and a home with some kids and a big yard would be ideal for me.  Will also go a long way to help me lose those extra pounds. I’m the perfect gentlemen during grooming and bathing.  A guy likes to look his best. Please come and visit me soon; I’m waiting with a lot of love and playfulness.   I’m currently being boarded with my friends at Dogtopia. Ask for me, Nolan, on your MSRH adoption application. I promise a lot of big bear hugs! Adoption Fee:  $350


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“You know the future’s lookin’ brighter every morning’ when I get up.  Don’t be thinkin’ ’bout what’s not enough,now baby;  Just be thinkin’ ’bout what we got!  Think of all my love, now;  I’m gonna give you all I got!  So baby hold on to me;  Whatever will be, will be.  The future is ours to see;  When you hold on to me!”  Someone holding me…in a forever home.  That would just be awesome!  I’m Maxwell and I’m a male, salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  I’m about five years old and I weigh about twenty pounds.  I’m crate trained and house trained.   I’m good with most other dogs and I enjoy having play time outside.  I just spent a month at Shelmar Kennels getting some polishing done on my obedience skills. I won’t jump up on people and I walk nicely on the leash. Now that I’m an ‘adult’ I only want to be around adults. I like knowing your in charge; a true pack leader. Yes, that’s what I’m looking for an alpha owner, so I don’t have to worry about you.  If you’re an experienced Schnauzer owner in an all-adult home, I’d sure like to meet you!  Just ask for me, Maxwell, on your MSRH adoption application!  Adoption Fee:  $350


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Hello, I’m Danny.  I’m a male salt and pepper miniature schnauzer mix with natural ears and tail.  I’m about six years old and I weigh about sixteen pounds.  I’m a very quiet boy; thus, I can go to an apartment.  I’m very timid and shy with new people.  But once I get to know you and trust you, I just bloom.  I will do well in a quiet home with no children. I’m very good at being handled and groomed. I’m crate trained and my foster parents just issued me my house training certificate. That’s right! Signed, Sealed and Delivered! If you have the patience to let me get comfortable, I promise you will be rewarded with lots of love and devotion. Ask for me, Danny, on your MSRH Adoption Application.  Adoption Fee:  $350


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Hi, I’m Lili.  I’m a white female miniature schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  I’m about five years old and I weigh about sixteen pounds.  I’m on a prescription food to control had bladder stones –but it’s not expensive.  I’m just a little cuddle bug, loving and laid back. My favorite past times are cuddling in your lap, exploring my surroundings, eating and sleeping.  I’m fine with other dogs but I won’t mind being your one and only baby.  I’m also fine with kids, but I get a bit excited and do bark.  I’m crate trained and house trained and can be left alone without you worrying about me chewing anything!  My foster Mom said I would be a dream dog for someone.  What an endorsement.   Come and visit me soon.  Ask for me, Lili, on your MSRH adoption application.  Adoption Fee:  $350

Jenny Bella

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My name is Jenny Bella.  I’m a black female miniature schnauzer with big natural ears and a docked tail.  I’m about two years old and I weigh about fifteen pounds.  A good Samaritan found me struggling in Bulverde, TX and called MSRH.  I’m  blind in one eye and cannot see a lot out of the other eye.  Except for the fact that I bump into things occasionally, for the most part you would not know I’m blind.  My foster mom said that I’m very smart and completely house trained.  I’m a playful and very loving girl.  I enjoy playing outside.  I get along well with my doggie friends; I even get along with the cats!  I don’t do well with young children because they often startle me or wear me out.  I enjoy being in a doggie park.  My foster mom believes that my lack of vision should not be an issue at all; I just need a little bit more time to adjust to a new home.  If you have the patience and love to take care of me, I promise I will repay you with all my love and devotion for many years to come.   Ask for me, Jenny Bella, on your MSRH adoption application.  Adoption Fee:  $250