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3-Lost & Found Minis

New MSRH Lost & Found SCHNAUZER Blog

Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston is no longer posting lost & found Miniature Schnauzers on our website.  Instead, we’ve created a Miniature Schnauzer lost & found blog where you can post your lost & found Schnauzer directly and review other postings for a potential match.  Please be sure to include the location where your dog was lost, a description of the dog and an email address and/or phone number so you can be contacted.  Please note that any non-Schnauzer related postings will be deleted from the blog.   Follow This Link To Our Blog:  MSRH LOST & FOUND SCHNAUZER BLOG

Will You Be Found If Your Pet Is Found?

Many dogs are being lost and many dogs are being found!  Have you done all you can to ensure that, in the event your lost dog is found, you’ll be quickly reunited with your beloved pet?  Microchipping your pet is a simple, painless procedure that only takes a minute and costs just $25-35.  The microchip is as small as a grain of rice and yet contains your important contact information should you be separated from your pet.  Any vet, shelter, large pet store and most grooming facilities have the equipment to scan a found pet.  If it’s been microchipped, and if you’ve kept your information up to date, they can quickly contact you.  It is a great service for such a small cost.  Isn’t it worth your peace of mind?  In addition, your pet should always wear a collar with appropriate identification and rabies tags.  If you’ve lost your dog and you’re lucky enough to have it returned, take it to your local vet or pet store and have it microchipped.  Do it today!