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Fritz Goodwin

Fritz (4)   Fritz   Fritz (3)

Adopted January 2005 –

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge June 20, 2014

Fritz was our first dog. He was very loved and had a great life. He loved the outdoors, hiking, canoeing, squirrel chasing, and riding in the car. He was born with a liver shunt, and was diagnosed with Lymphoma this past February. He remained upbeat and still loved playing with his ball, even though he was not feeling well.

We miss you deeply. He is survived by his best friend Ziggy, who we adopted from MSRH in April of 2013.

Mom and Dad

Shotize Thompson-Garrett


Born September 9, 2002-

Adopted July 27, 2012

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge September 24, 2014

We have lost our sweet Shotzie. Shotzie came to us after her daddy Scott Thompson left this life, and he has been waiting, patiently, to join her on the other side. Her poor little heart could not go on any longer. The time she has been with us, she has been loved and adored, without question. From the minute my husband, Bruce, picked her up, there has been no greater love, than the one between her second daddy and her. We knew taking an older girl, would lead to heartbreak much sooner than we would want, but we do not regret one single moment she has been in our lives. We will meet her again and Scott will just have to share. We love you sweet Shotzie.

Sharon and Bruce Garrett

Henry Winkler Strouse

Image 3
Rescued 2006
Passed over the bridge  January 18, 2014
Henry was picked up in south Houston just roaming around, someone had apparently abandoned him.  He was picked up on Halloween eve and at the vet office the next day the girls wanted to name him something that went with HW (Halloween) so they named him Henry Winkler. We fostered him nursing him through the heart worm treatment.  We immediately fell in love with him and adopted him.   Henry was sweet, quiet and a loving gentlemen.  He loved to travel in the RV going all over the U.S.  It didn’t matter to him if we brought home another rescue to foster, he was always an easy going boy. The last few months of his life he developed liver problems which finally took him over the Rainbow Bridge to be with our Hunter, Hans, Ana and many other babies.
RIP sweet baby boy we miss you.  Mom, Dad, KC, Layla, Sissy and Reiko


Darwin - Memorial 2   Darwin - Memorial 1

Darwin Blakinship

  Adopted:  17 April 2013
Crossed Over:  21 December 2013
My boy, Darwin, who just turned seven on the 12th of December, passed into God’s arms on December 21 after losing his fight with cancer of the liver. After not feeling well at dinner time, he waited long enough for me to get home to see him one last time. I gave him water with an eye dropper hoping it might help bring some relief. After sitting with him in his favorite chair, and rubbing his neck like he loves most , he took his last breath. We will miss you so much, Darwin.

 With Love, Derk Blankinship


Jinx - Memorial

Jinx Morgan-Sloan   

Born:  May 2003
Adopted:  Spring 2004
Crossed Over:  29 November 2013

Jinx crossed over to Heaven on Friday, November 29, 2013 in Dallas. After being adopted from MSRH in the Spring of 2004, Jinx quickly became a TCU sports fan with his dad. He thoroughly enjoyed attending TCU baseball games sitting on the side of the field sporting his purple clothes. He also loved chasing, terrorizing and taunting squirrels! We are confident he is in heaven now doing just that. In 2009, Jinx had a new addition to the family, a little white mini named Parker. The two bonded and loved each other immensely. Jinx loved spending Sunday’s at a local dog park, and more recently Mutts Cantina in Dallas being the total social lovable mini he was. In the summer of 2013, Jinx was diagnosed with Stage 5 Cutaneous Lymphoma, and fought a hard fight before succumbing in late November. He will always be loved and greatly missed, but we are forever grateful for the opportunity MSRH gave us in letting this little boy share his life with us.

With much love,

Jamie Sloan, Tony Morgan and Parker Morgan-Sloan (Dallas)
Granddog Parents: Richard and Betty Sloan (Tyler, TX), Jerry and Dianne Morgan (Hot Springs Village, AR)

Mocha & Scuba


Mocha & Scuba Miles

Scuba – Born:  2000;  Crossed Over:  February 26, 2013
Mocha – Born:  2001;  Crossed Over:  September 14, 2013

Our two little “girls” are in Doggie Heaven.  We lost our first little girl on February 26, 2013 at age 12 years and 9 months from a sudden heart attack.  We got her when she was only 6 weeks old and oh so cute!  Her name was Scuba.

Now we have lost our second little girl.  Her name was Mocha and she and Scuba were inseparable.  We adopted Mocha when she was 1 year old from a relative.   Mocha had her first heart attack last Christmas day, 2012.  She was put on meds immediately and was doing pretty good up until the past month or so.  Her breathing became just too hard and she suffered another heart attack about a week before.  She passed away on Saturday, September 14, 2013, (she was also 12 years and 9 months old) and is now with Scuba once again.

Mocha is the doggie in the front of the picture and Scuba is in the back.  Mocha was around 20 lbs and Scuba was around 12 lbs.   So, Mocha was always the “boss” and Scuba was our spunky little girl with an attitude!

This has been extremely hard on both my husband and I and we will never forget either of them. We have now fostered 17 minis for MSRH and over the years;  both Scuba and Mocha enjoyed having new doggies to play with.  We will continue to be Foster parents for the minis and maybe that will help us to get over this sad time.

With Much Love, Sherry Miles & Mike Harness


SterlingKlahn = Memorial

Sterling Klahn

Adopted:  February 2006
Crossed Over:  25 July 2013
We adopted Sterling from MSRH about 7 years ago. He loved going to the dog park and taking walks, and he hated getting wet. When our first son was born, we wondered how Sterling would react to the change. Turned out he was very tolerant and gentle, and continued to be when our second son was born. He got used to the noise, the tail-tugging, and the dressing up that comes with being a playmate of two young children. Although we knew he was getting older, his passing came unexpectedly and we are all grieving his loss tremendously. Our many thanks to MSRH for bringing him into our lives. He left his paw-prints all over our hearts.

 With Love, Christina, Steve, Michael & Ethan Klahn


Ana - Memorial

Ana Strouse   

Born:  2001
Adopted:  2006
Crossed Over:  3 June 2013

Our Angel Ana passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, June 3rd.  She was about 12 years old.  She was precious, sweet, very loving and beautiful, loved by all.  Ana was unique, she had round ears.  Sherry Eitel always said she had a backyard job done on them.  They said she looked like Minnie Mouse or a Koala Bear.  She loved to travel in our RV and had been all over the US with us.  We got Ana in 2006 from MSRH.  Sherry Eitel had her spoiled, we can blame it on her!  You couldn’t help but love her, she had a wonderful, loving personality.  She could melt you with her eyes and what a flirt with those eyelashes.  We know she is with our other Schnauzers and doggies we have lost through the years.  We miss her so.  Take care of our Angel God.  We will see you again.  Rest in Peace Baby.

Missed By, Mom, Daddy, Henry, Layla, KC and Sissi