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The MSRH 2015 Calendar Contest !

Schnauzer Loving Friends – – Keep Your Cameras At The Ready!!!

MSRH is already organizing our calendar contest for the year 2015! With the success of the previous calendars we’ve “re-elected” (again!) our good friend Bea Alfonso to coordinate this activity. As in the past couple years, we’re going to be very organized and promise to have the finished calendar completed and in your hands well before the Christmas holiday season! They make perfect gifts! And this year, we’re giving each entrant the chance to vote on their favorites for inclusion in the calendar! Be warned – these are tough decisions….every Schnauzer is a beauty!

The deadline for submitting entries is August 1, 2014. We’re sorry, but no entries can be accepted after that date. Entries have to be collected, judged (winners announced in September), assembled into the calendar and then put into production so that we have them back by October / November with time to distribute before the holidays!

Miss January – a pretty gal in a beautiful winter scene? Mr. July – rugged and running across the summer lawn? You get the picture! Costumes are not required. What we really want are pictures of this amazing breed with a wonderful background showing off their true colors! So keep the camera clicking and make this the best MSRH calendar ever!! Each winning entry will receive ONE free calendar (with the purchase of an additional calendar)! Calendars, including shipping, are estimated to cost about $27 each, similar to past years. Details will be provided later in the year when we begin the ordering process.

Please complete the 2015 Calendar Entry form below, upload your picture and wait for an acknowledgement from Bea. Bea will advise that your entry has been received and that your picture is of an acceptable resolution and clarity. If you have questions, you can email Bea directly at:  Feel free to offer more than one entry this year…you never know what the judges might like!  However, only one picture per pet will be used in the calendar contest.  Group photos are also an option for you to consider….there have been some great ones the past few years! For best photo reproduction results, a high resolution (minimum 640×480) and at least 300 dpi (about 1MB), large format pictures are required. It’s always disappointing when we get a great picture but with a resolution that isn’t sufficient to place on the calendar. Many cell phone pictures are grainy (try wiping the lens first with rubbing alcohol). Some, particular older style phones or those where you’ve set the resolution as best for email, do not meet the resolution requirements. Check your digital camera settings to be sure they meet these requirements.  Photos may also be ineligible due to lack of clarity (blurriness) of the photograph….so hold those cameras steady!

All adopted / rescued Miniature Schnauzers are eligible to be included in the MSRH calendar even if not adopted from MSRH. We also have a special Mini Memorial section of the calendar recognizing Minis who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This section is reserved for Minis adopted from MSRH. Thank you for understanding.

We wish you the best of luck! Once again, questions regarding the calendar contest can be directed to Bea at


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