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The MSRH 2016 Calendar Contest !

Schnauzer Loving Friends – – Keep Your Cameras At The Ready!!!

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN!  The 2016 MSRH Calendar Contest has begun!   Big thank you to Bev Smith for managing this year’s contest and organizing the Schnauzer photos from all you “schutterbugs”.

All adopted / rescued Miniature Schnauzers are eligible for inclusion in the MSRH 2016 Calendar even if they were adopted from a different source.

As always, there will be special Mini Memorial section of the calendar honoring the lives of our beloved Minis who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2015, but this section is reserved for those little ones adopted from MSRH and we thank you in advance for your understanding.

The calendars will be printed and ready for delivery and gifting before Christmas, so be sure to write them in at the top of your gift list!

Every contestant will be given the chance to vote for their favorites…   Schnauzers, Beautiful Schnauzers — Cute, Cuddly, Funny, Adorable Schnauzers.  “DESCHISIONS, DESCHISIONS!”

Is your Miss April a Bluebonnet Beauty racing across colorful fields of flowers?  Maybe your Mister December is a winter couch potato snuggled up warm in his blanket by a roaring fire.  Running, romping, relaxing  –  and just spreading their love Schnauzers delight the eye and are so photogenic so keep your cameras at the ready.

The deadline for entries is August 1, 2015, so please schnart schnapping those Schnauzer photos now because entries will not be accepted after that date because.  Keeping with tradition, all winners will be announced in September and the calendar will go into production.

Each winning entry will receive ONE free calendar with the purchase of a second one.   Including shipping, the cost should be about the same as last year – $27 each and we’ll let you know as soon as you can begin ordering them.

But, for now, all you have to do is fill out the 2016 Calendar Entry form below and start upload your pictures.  Bev will acknowledge your entry and confirm whether or not your picture’s clarity and resolution is compatible with the printer’s needs.

Please send your questions to and go for the gold – send as many entries as you like, keeping in mind that only one picture of each Schnauzer will be chosen for judging.   Since “Schnauzers are the potato chips of the dog world and  you can’t have just one!”  don’t forget that group photos are accepted, too, and a great option if you can’t bring yourself to play favorites.

To re-cap:  Please make sure submissions have a minimum resolution of 640×480 and are at least 300 dpi (about 1MB).  Most cell phone pictures are grainy even when the resolution is set as high as possible for email.  But, most digital cameras can be adjusted to meet the printer’s requirements.  So, GOOD LUCK and  once again, if you have any questions regarding the calendar contest send them to Bev at