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Hi, my name is Chevy, you know like that car, and I am a chocolate, Miniature Schnauzer/Mix boy with natural ears and tail that I love wagging. I weigh about 17 pounds and am about 11 months old. 
Let me tell you from the get-go, I have lots of energy and I love, love to play. I get along with the other doggies at my foster home and bug them all the time about playing with me! I need a yard and lots of toys to keep me entertained.

Adoption Fee $550



Hi folks, my name is Tristan. I have been at this rescue place for over a year now and I am yearning for a home of my own and someone who will love me and take care of me. I am a black Miniature Schnauzer boy who is 3 years old and weighs 14 pounds I have natural ears and a natural tail too. You see, I am also kind of a scared guy and a bit aggressive around people I haven't gotten to know. I don't mean to be this way, but I have not had the best of life so far. My foster Mom says I need a home with a single person and no other pets. I love my human and tend to become protective. At my foster home she has other dogs and I don't really play with them and if they come around my foster Mom I don't like it very much. I think I am just scared I might lose her. It is just going to take a person who will let me get used to being around them and not try to push me and let me learn to trust again. An experienced dog owner is a must who will just go slow and give me time to warm up without being forced.  Please just give me a chance.

Adoption Fee $450



Now, this little guy would be perfect with Harry Potter cause we think he has a little magic in him. You see, his name is Wizzard. Wizzard is a six-year old Miniature Schnauzer boy who weighs about 14 pounds. He has natural ears and a docked tail and is a liver/white, Parti Miniature Schnauzer. His foster mom says he is protective of her and super loving and loyal and just wants to be in her lap. When someone he does not know comes around, he tends to be protective and barks loudly. But, he does not show aggression. MSRH believes some of this is due to the fact that he was with one lady most of his life and did not have a chance to meet many visitors. He is going to need a human with patience and lots of love until he feels safe. We do not think he would do well around small children.

Adoption Fee $350


Waldo head_edited.jpg
Waldo good_edited.jpg

My name is Waldo and I am what you guys call, a Schnoodle. That's part Miniature Schnauzer and part Poodle - also known as a "Designer Dog". Yep that's me, Waldo. I am seven years old and weigh about 14 pounds. I am salt and pepper in color and have natural ears and a docked tail. My foster mom says that I would do better in a home with only one person, as I get kind of protective of my human. But, I do like the other Schnauzer at her home and we love to play. I am not a bad guy, really. I just need someone to love and to love me back!

Adoption $350


Barney good_edited.jpg
Barney verygood_edited.jpg

This is Barney and he is a sweet older boy. He is a 10 year old, 10 pound, salt and pepper, Miniature Schnauzer with cropped ears and a docked tail. When he needs to go outside to do his business, he will let you know by barking at the door and when he is done, he will bark to get back inside. He would do better in a home where he is the only Schnauzer, as he does not get along with other dogs. He is a little food aggressive around them. Barney loves sitting on your lap and just being spoiled. His foster mom says he is a darling, sweet but a little grumpy old man.

Adoption Fee $250


Jewel good_edited.jpg
Jewel pink.JPG

This little darling is really a true Jewel! She is a 7 month old healthy salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer girl who might have a tiny bit of Yorkie in her. Jewel has the best natural ears yet, and a natural tail too. She weighs 6.5 lbs. She is crate trained and almost house trained if given frequent breaks. She does get upset and barks if she loses sight of her human. She's a typical sweet puppy who loves to play with toys and other dogs. She'll walk on a leash but her attention span is short. Jewel is a smart and adorable puppy who just needs a little bit more training.

Adoption Fee $550

Maxi & Emie

maxi (1)_edited.jpg

Here is the cutest Mommy and Daughter duo you could ever hope to meet! They are Maxi the mommy and her daughter Emie. And, they are a bonded pair. they eat together, sleep together, play together and crate together. They don't like it if they can't physically see each other. Maxi is a 5 year old, 10 pound, liver and white parti, Miniature Schnauzer girl and her daughter, Emie is 3 years old and weighs about 8 pounds and is a black and white parti Miniature Schnauzer. Both have cropped ears and docked tails. They are pretty chill little doggies, until it is time to go to sleep; then they like to play with each other soooooo much. But when you tell them it's bedtime, then they will settle down. Maxi is a bit larger than Emie and can jump on sofas and chairs whereas, little Emie is shorter in statue. Her Mommy uses this to her benefit to get a leg up on the playing and jumping on things Emie cannot reach. Just a momma teasing her baby. They absolutely love walks, but need a harness as both tend to tug hard on their leashes. These pictures do not do them justice as their Foster Mom says they have the sweetest little faces ever. They do need help with house training and their Foster Mom says they are good with the pooping outside, but you gotta watch them with the peeing. We think they are just about perfect. 

Adoption Fee for Both  $700

Georgie 2 Sleeping_edited.jpg

Meet Georgie who is a 5 year old, dark salt and pepper, Miniature Schnauzer boy. He weighs about 18 pounds and has natural ears and a docked tail. He came in as an owner surrender as he "marked" in the house. He has now been neutered and his foster mom says they are working really hard on the house training thing and he seems to be learning fast. He may need a belly band for a while during training until he learns completely since he was not neutered young and did pick up bad habits. Now the good stuff about him..................He is so sweet and loves everyone he meets. He is quite the character and sits on command and comes when called. He loves to go on walks and is good with children. One of his favorite things is cuddling beside his human and nudging your hand for scratching. He also gets along nicely with the other Schnauzers at his foster home. With a little help in the house training area, you will have a faithful and loving companion

Adoption Fee  $350




Theo came into rescue from a hoarding situation, so he has not had a very good life. Things will be getting better for him as soon as he finds the perfect forever family. Theo is a two and a half year old, 32 pound Miniature Schnauzer boy who is black in color. He came in with Ursula and they are similar in size and color. He is a very sweet and friendly guy and seems to be potty trained. He would make any family better by just being a part of it.

Adoption Fee $450


My name is Ursula and I am three years old. I am not one of those little tiny Miniature Schnauzers cause I weigh in at about 29 pounds. I am salt and pepper in color and have natural ears and tail. Everyone tells me I am a very sweet girl. I just need a forever home to make everything just about perfect. Come and meet me, you won't be sorry you did

Adoption Fee  $450


Carson mouth_edited.jpg
Carson good.jpg

Carson is a one year Miniature Schnauzer/Terrier mix, who weighs about 10 pounds and has a natural tail and natural floppy ears. He is a black/white/grey, parti-Schnauzer. Carson is incredibly sweet and will follow you around the house as long as he’s not playing with his fur sibling. He definitely needs a young dog to play with as he has boundless amounts of energy. A lot of times he acts younger than a year and a young playmate is just what he needs. A backyard would be best as he loves being outside and running around. Carson knows how to use the doggy door and will run in and out at his leisure. He is mostly potty trained and only has accidents when he gets excited. His Foster Mom calls it his “excited pee” as it’s typically when they get home from work, He can roll over on his back for belly rubs. He’s great with new people coming into the home as well. He met the neighbor kids and did fine while his Foster Mom was holding them so we think he’d do just fine with kids as well. Overall he is a great pup.  Whoever adopts will need to be prepared for boundless amounts of energy but also a lot of love as he has both.

Adoption Fee  $450



Madison good_edited.jpg

Madison is a 6 year old, 14 pound, salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer girl with natural ears and a docked tail. She is a gentle little sweetheart that just wants to be loved and taken care of. She is still working on house training but is learning quickly with frequent trips outside. She has separation anxiety, crying and barking some if she thinks she is all alone, but hasn’t shown any signs of chewing or destructive behavior at her foster home. As long as she knows where someone is, she’s super calm and just wants to hang out. She is starting to show some interest in toys, but has a pretty mellow energy level. Madison likes to be a shadow and stroll with you wherever you’re headed. She is welcoming to all people and loves being petted and cuddled by anyone with a free hand or lap. Madison gets along fine with other dogs of all sizes, even many at one time. She would probably be fine with small children or cats, but hasn’t been tested. She would do best in a home where she won’t spend the majority of time alone.

Adoption Fee $350

Buddy Mac4_edited.jpg

Buddy Mac

Buddy Mac5_edited.jpg

Hey y’all, my name’s Buddy Mac. I am a Miniature Schnauzer boy who is 11 years young, I weigh about 15 pounds and have natural ears and a docked tail. I am what they call a parti Schnauzer and am liver and white in color. I really love snuggles, and I’m so excited to meet my furever family. My Foster Dad found me wandering around lost as could be. I couldn’t see from my eyes being infected, and my coat was all matted. So, he took me to BARC to see about getting me fixed up, and it turned out I had a microchip I forgot about. He had to leave me for a week to wait for my old owner...but they never came. It was sad and I didn’t like dog jail, but now I’m happy and healthy being with this rescue group! The eye Vet says I have dry eyes and I need cyclosporine and a salve in each eye 3 times daily. That stuff really works and my Dad says it is not really expensive.
Basically I’m the perfect dog. I wouldn’t dream of going potty in the house. I’m happy to go on walks and I like other dogs. Snuggles......snuggles are my FAVORITE.

Adoption Fee  $250

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