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Fostering Question  & Answer 

Q:  Will I be expected to pay for the dog’s expenses?

A:   No. MSRH pays for all medical bills, grooming and other expenses while the dog is in rescue. We ask foster parents to provide food for the dog, but MSRH covers all other expenses.


Q:  I have a full-time job. Can I still serve as a foster parent?

A:  Yes. Many of our foster parents work outside the home, but as long as your schedule allows you to be home to care for the dog properly, and ensure that he is safe and secure with access to relieve himself at appropriate intervals.


Q:  How long is the average dog in foster care before it is adopted?

A:  On average, 3 - 4 weeks. Some dogs may be in foster care for a longer period of time; for others it may be shorter.


Q:  If I like a dog, can I adopt him?

A:  MSRH does not have a “foster to adopt” or “try out” program for its dogs. We are looking for foster parents who are willing to make at least a two month commitment to us. Most of our foster parents eventually adopt a dog from us, but still continue to provide a foster home for other dogs after the adoption.


Q:  Is it OK to foster, if I already have pets in my home, or children?

A:  Yes, if your animals are generally friendly with other dogs. All of our foster parents have their own personal pets, and their pets usually enjoy the company of foster dogs. If you have indoor cats, they should be dog friendly, and you should understand that all foster dogs may not be cat friendly. We don’t recommend foster parenting for people with small children in the home, as some dogs do not respond well to the noise and activity of young children.


Q:  Can I live anywhere in Texas and be a foster parent?

A:  Because MSRH adoption events, veterinary care providers and prospective adopters live in Houston and surrounding communities, fosters should be located in the same area, which makes it convenient to transport a dog to an adoption event, the vet, or to visit a prospective adopter’s home. Those living in more remote areas would likely find it more difficult to work with our group.


Q:  I live in an apartment building. Can I still be a foster parent for MSRH?

A:  Yes, as long as the property permits you to have pets. You would of course need to ensure that you could be present at the proper intervals to walk the dog and care for him properly. Because some Schnauzers are known for barking, you would want to make sure that your work situation and time at home allows you to properly monitor the dog to ensure he is not making noise that would bother other residents.


Thank you for your interest in MSRH! If you are interested in participating in our foster program, please complete a foster application.

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