Our Team 

Through the years, MSRH has been blessed to work with both individuals and companies whose dedication is immeasurable. Our officers and Board of Directors help oversee a caring team of dedicated volunteers that number 30-40 at any given time combined with scores of volunteers that help us with so many other activities like fostering, fundraising and managing our website. 


  • Karen Coleman - President & Founder

  • Marilyn Malaney - Vice President

  • Sandra Plunk -  Secretary

  • Linda Love - Treasurer

  • Lisa Devaney Conley - Volunteer Coordinator



Adoption Counselors:

  • Linda Brown

  • Lisa Conley

  • Brenda Kennedy

  • Geri Chaney

  • Kandace Bingham

  • Jillian Davidson

  • Susan Srulowitz


Donations Records:

     Linda Love


Foster Coordinators:

     Linda Brown

     Linda Love



     Mona Harris

     Nikki Hanley


     Trudi Mendez

     Diane Mauricio

     Sandra Plunk

Social Media Coordinators

     Nikki Hanley

     Mona Harris


      Melissa Phillip

Public Relations:

      Nikki Hanley

      Mona Harris