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Mission & Vision 

Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston (MSRH)


Founded:  February 1, 2000


Vision:   Every Schnauzer, A Home.  One Adoption At A Time. 


Mission:  Within the organization's scope and reach, MSRH is dedicated to rescuing every abandoned or lost Miniature Schnauzer that we can and migrating them to a loving forever home.  In the interim period, between rescue and adoption, our all-volunteer team provides temporary homes in a safe and loving environment, while we search for the perfect adopter.  We never forget that most adoptive families see but a snapshot of our overall organization.  As such, we strive to ensure a perfect experience to give that snapshot exceptional clarity.  Every perfect adoption experience requires a network of committed volunteers, veterinarians, partners, loving adoptive families and friends who pay the love forward with gifts of time, talent and treasure.  We want every Schnauzer to have a home.  At MSRH, we make it happen….one adoption at a time!


Background:  Karen Gayeski Coleman, Founder and President

My first Schnauzer rescue was for myself.  Gretchen joined my family in October 1998 and, though I had other pets in the past, it didn’t take long to realize that the Miniature Schnauzer was the breed for me.  Unfortunately, just over a year later, Gretchen was ‘welcoming’ the kids home from school when she escaped after someone opened the gate.  During the long search, I contacted shelters, boarding facilities, vets and groomers.  I never found her….and it broke my heart.  But within the tragedy, and through all my contacts, I found my purpose.  On February 1, 2000, Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston was born.  We are a 501c3 charitable organization made up entirely of volunteers and sponsored entirely by adoption fees and donations.


In the beginning, MSRH operated using funds I had received from an inheritance.  In that first year alone, we rescued 75 dogs.  Even with this success, the number of rescues continued to grow and MSRH now relies on adoption fees as well as donations from people who love the breed and generously support our continued efforts.  Countless donations, in amounts both big and small, help us rescue approximately 300 dogs per year and provide veterinary services totaling approximately $150,000 per year!  Since its inception, we’ve rescued well over 3,000 Miniature Schnauzers and helped orchestrate their “New Beginnings”.


Our adoption fees generally range between $250 and $450 though there are certainly exceptions.  These fees help cover veterinary services including spay/neuter, shots, heartworm tests (and treatment if positive) and dental work as required.  MSRH also coordinates a number of specialty surgeries including portal shunts, gallbladder removal and orthopedics.  In short, those who adopt dogs from MSRH can be assured the dog is healthy and thoroughly vetted.


Through the years, I’ve been blessed to work with both individuals and companies whose dedication is immeasurable.  Our Board of Directors, help oversee a caring, dedicated team of dedicated volunteers that number 30-40 at any given time combined with scores of volunteers that help us with so many other activities like fostering, fundraising and managing our website.  There are so many who helped guide and support MSRH efforts from the beginning.  Friends like Bev Smith, Vicky Beard, Michele Smith, Evelyn Hoover (Lone Star Miniature Schnauzer Rescue, Dallas), Bolivia Powell, Karen Hoffman (Animal Control, Pasadena) and Laurene Murtaugh gave so much to help bring an idea into reality.  In addition, numerous companies have offered their support including Vinson & Elkins (who did our 501 C3 paperwork pro bono).  I can’t individually list all the current volunteers, as well as other individuals and companies that have supported, and continue to support, our efforts but please know that you are forever appreciated and that I am eternally grateful.  Thank You!


~ Karen Gayeski Coleman

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