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Q: It takes longer to adopt from MSRH than it does to adopt from a shelter.  Why is MSRH so choosy about who adopts their

Though we seldom have the opportunity to read it from cover to cover, each one of our dogs has its own unique story and when they come into MSRH we take full responsibility for these little bearded lives.   MSRH doesn’t just invest money in every single Miniature Schnauzer in our care, but care, concern and love, so it stands to reason that we’re going to seek out the most desirable adoption situation for each one.  There are those individuals and families we don’t approve for adoption, and occasionally good adoptive families are turned down during the review process, but for a number of valid reasons when we make a judgment call that their lifestyle isn’t a good fit for a particular dog or we feel a potential conflict with other pets already in their homes might exist.  We make only one commitment and it’s to our dogs, not potential adopters.  Our goal is to ensure they will never again find themselves homeless, neglected and caught up in a terrible situation like the one from which they were rescued by MSRH.

Q: What does it cost to adopt a dog from MSRH?


Adoption donations/fees are typically based on the age of the dog and usually between $250 to  $550, but there are exceptions when our only consideration is placing a deserving dog in a loving forever home.  In those cases you will see a note at the bottom of the dog’s bio to ask your Adoption Counselor.   But, please note that you’ll still be required to submit an application, provide a vet reference if one is available and have a pre-adoption home visit.  All but $75 of an adoption fee is a tax deductible donation.

Q: Why do we always ask for donations, don’t your adoption fees cover everything?


MSRH is known in rescue circles as the Champion of Senior Pets and Underdogs.  We believe that every single one deserves a second chance for a good life and we will provide it.  For too many of them, being rescued by MSRH means they’re enjoying their very first experience of being loved, receiving proper care and the nourishment every dog deserves and needs.  We take Schnauzers regardless of their age and condition from numerous cities and towns in Texas and occasionally beyond, so many of our dogs have to be transported or require emergency veterinary care (including multiple surgeries) just to survive.  MSRH, not the adopter, underwrites the cost of life-saving surgeries and/or extensive medical treatments and protocols that restore the health and beauty of these wonderful Schnauzers we love so dearly.


Sometimes our little bearded ones have to be boarded until a foster home is available and though we much prefer to keep them in home environments with loving families or individuals, if it’s a question of being killed in an overcrowded shelter because there’s no room left at the inn or saving their life, we will choose save their life and pay a boarding fee.

Q: How can I help MSRH?


We’re glad you asked because we love welcoming new volunteers into the family we call Team MSRH!  Besides funding, our greatest need is always for those who open their hearts and homes to foster our dogs until they’re adopted.  But if you’re not in a position to foster, we understand and there are still many ways to help.  Maybe you can transport, pull dogs tagged by MSRH from a shelter in your area, help us spread the word and raise awareness using your social networking skills, photograph new dogs that come to us or help groom our dogs so they put their best paw forward when potential adopters view their photos.   Help staffing Meet & Greets and other MSRH-sponsored events or those in which we participate throughout the year is needed.  If you want to learn more about becoming a volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application and we will definitely contact you!


Your generous gifts are the lifeblood of our rescue efforts.  If you can, please make a tax deductible donation. Subscribe to our newsletter and be sure to check our and Facebook page often so you can stay up to date on our needs.  We always have dogs in need of medical treatment above and beyond what adoption funds provide, and there will be times when there is a sudden profusion of needy Schnauzers in shelters so we’ll need additional funding to board them until foster homes open up.

Q: Why are adoption fees so high?


When you know what goes into rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing one of our Schnauzers, you’ll understand that our adoption fees really aren’t “so high”.  MSRH doesn’t profit from adoption donations and our volunteers aren’t paid for their services.  Adoption fees are used to pay for basic medical expenses, food and the occasional boarding costs we incur.  Every dog we take in goes straight to one of our veterinarians where they’re evaluated and given a thorough physical exam including blood work, vaccinations, heartworm tests, heartworm preventatives, fecal tests and de-wormers, if necessary.  Many have to be treated for flea and tick infestations or other parasites and about 50% of them have to be spayed or neutered, which are surgical procedures.  A lot of our dogs require a “dental” which is also considered a surgical procedure that includes cleaning and tooth extractions, if necessary.  And, all of our dogs are microchipped.


Our adoption fees are NOT on a sliding scale based on a dog’s vet bill or the costs MSRH incurs to rehabilitate them, so some adoption fees might cover the basics,  but additional medical care has to be covered by donations.

Q: Can you offer free or discounted services such as grooming or printing pamphlets, flyers, business cards, or calendars?  
Those types of things are an enormous help!  If you own a grooming business and are willing to donate a “spa day” for one or two of our dogs on a regular basis, we would really appreciate it, or if just know how to groom a Schnauzer and want to pitch in, let us know.  If you own a business with any type of goods or services that would provide MSRH with necessary services or product needs, we will happily add you to our list of business on our “Business Partners” page.
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