Mini Memorials 

“…love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”


On these pages are beloved MSRH Minis gone from our lives, but forever cherished in our hearts and memories.  Each had a story, all were loved.


If you have a MSRH rescued mini you would like to add to our page, please send pictures, dates and a short bio (ideally 250 words or less) to

In Loving Memory of Morgan - March 9, 2021

We adopted Morgan Joseph in May 2008 when he was 3 years old.  We went to Marilyn's house to see a few of the minis and Morgan stood out from the others.  He walked up to each one of us and put his head on our lap. It was as if he already knew us. He picked us and we were so lucky that he did.  We have so many happy and funny memories of our time with him that we will always cherish.  He loved going on long walks, playing with his many toys, car rides and chasing around after the kids.  He also loved to snuggle in his favorite fleece blanket.  He was the cutest little cuddle bug.  He was also protective of us and was happiest when all of the family was home with him. We are so blessed that MSRH allowed us to give him his forever home.  Our sweet Morgan crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 9, 2021, just two months shy of his 16th birthday.  

The pain is gone and your health is restored my little furry monster.


We miss you so much and will always love you Morige-Boo Bear.

~ Angela Humphreys

In Loving Memory of Jasper - October 22, 2021
Jasper Remmert Memorial.JPG

Jasper Remmert crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with his sister Lulu on October 22, 2021. He was a blessing who brought love, fun, joy and happiness to his home.  He will be missed forever.

~ Susan Remmert

In Loving Memory of Brian - October 20, 2021
Brian Coraspe Memorial.jpg

We adopted Brian in summer 2015, we were told he was found wandering the streets and had heart worms. He was already 6 years old when we adopted him, but Brian was the perfect dog and even though we enjoyed his unconditional company for only over six years we are so glad to had had him and had loved him. Brian we will miss you. You changed our life for the best and forever.

~ M. Eugenia Coraspe

In Loving Memory of Aggie - October 1, 2021
Agee 2_edited.jpg

Aggie came to MSRH in early November 2006. She was pulled from the Harris County shelter and was given the name of Jenny Lyn. On November 19, 2006, my husband Dennis adopted her. She was aged at about two years. She was a funny, fun, head-strong Schnauzer who loved all people and dogs. Over the course of her life with us, she saw the comings and passing of 11 other Schnauzers that were adopted into our family and countless others that we fostered. Her passing has left a huge hole in our hearts but she gave us every sign that she was ready to go. She will be so missed! Our hearts are broken but we remain hopeful that we will one day be united with her.

Rest In Peace, sweet girl
~ Lisa & Dennis Conley

In Loving Memory of Elliott - September 10, 2021
Elliott Memorial.JPG

We adopted our sweet Elliott from you in December, 2011.  He unexpectedly and suddenly crossed the rainbow bridge on Friday evening, 9/10/21. Elliott came from the Harlingen animal control and he loved the beach. He died suddenly while we were visiting South Padre Island. He enjoyed a walk on the beach that morning and spent a large part of that day looking out the window at the ocean. We are heartbroken and looking for answers but take peace in that he was with all of his  family and at his happiest place on earth. Thank you for rescuing and sharing this precious soul with us.

With Love,
Jana Shardonofsky

In Loving Memory of Blackjack - August 25, 2021

We received a call from Lisa (MSRH) in June 2015, about a special little boy she wanted us to meet.  Shortly thereafter, we arranged a meeting with Brenda (MSRH) and Blackjack.  And we knew immediately this was the one.  Our hearts were instantly touched.  From the moment we brought him home, we realized that Blackjack was indeed special.  It was almost like he had a window to his heart that allowed you to see inside.  He had so much love to give.


Blackjack was such a joy.  He loved to play with his toys, go for rides to get ice cream treats, and cuddle with his humans.  His hair was soft like silk, just yearning to be caressed.  His ears were tender and always available for rubbing.  He was our constant shadow and sharer of the covers.  He made our home complete.


Larry lost his mom to cancer in December.  And prior to her diagnosis, Blackjack would keenly smell her and affectionately lick at her when she would come to visit.  It was almost like he could sense something was wrong.  Unfortunately, we had no idea what he was trying to tell us at the time.  But we have no doubt that he knew.


Sadly, Blackjack’s affectionate heart had a murmur.  And it started to take its toll earlier this year.  Our little buddy’s health started to decline rapidly.  But he fought courageously until the very end.  With tears running down our cheeks, he passed away peacefully in our arms on August 25, 2021.  He was 12 ½ years old.


We miss you so much, Blackjack.  Keep Mom company until we meet again…


                                                  Larry & Jo Ann Brem

Blackjack2 (002)_edited.jpg
In Loving Memory of Tucker Armendinger
August 23, 2021

On August 21st, we said goodbye to a beloved family member, Tucker. He was 16-1/2 years old.

As a rescue dog who beat the odds, he had an amazing life that took him on many great adventures.  “T” gave us so much joy and happiness over the years. We were so lucky to have had him in our lives. He was feisty, scrappy and full of self-esteem -- a German Shepherd in a mini schnauzer’s body.

Tucker was the December Calendar Schnauzer in 2007 and 2021, earning him the nickname, “Mr. December”.


~ He will be truly missed by his Best Bud, Drew Armendinger, Family and many friends that loved him so much.

In Loving Memory of Etta - July 30, 2021

Ten years ago we adopted our sweet Etta, when she was about a year old, and last Friday, she passed away peacefully surrounded by her family.

Home simply isn’t home without her. Even with four kids running around, there is a stillness. We miss the sounds, the routine, the high-pitched bark, snuggles on the couch, and most of all, I miss my shadow. Etta was with us during our darkest of days and happiest of days, always tail wagging and right by our side. “Etta” was even the first word for all of our children.

Gosh, she was just so simply wonderful. Our hearts are shattered and we know it will take time to heal but without MSRH, we never would have had a love like this. Your organization blessed us with one incredible Schnauzer and we can’t thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to love her. 


 “To know her was to love her.” Samuel Rogers

~ Allison & Blake Hackler

In Loving Memory of Sparkles - July 24, 2021

Sparkles Bingham (April 1, 2005-July 24, 2021) was an amazing little ball of sunshine who brought joy to our lives every day for over 16 years. She moved to Germany with us 4 short months after she adopted us and she spent the next 13 years traveling throughout Europe having grand adventures. She did the sweetest things…like have amazing conversations with us or jump up onto the back of the couch and then sneaking over and snuggle our neck, slowly creeping down onto your lap until she’d finally fall into a deep sleep so that all 12 lbs of her was snoring louder than a drunken sailor. Wherever we were, she was…never more than 10 feet away from her people.


When Kandis was severely injured in 2015, Sparkles became her emotional caregiver. Everyday she laid on the bed with her snuggling her so close that she could barely move. She wanted to make sure she knew she was loved and not alone. Every human she met was an instant friend and every human who ever met her fell instantly in love. There wasn’t one day she didn’t make us thank MSRH and God for bringing her into our lives. She will be missed every day until we see her again!


                          ~Cris and Kandis Bingham

In Loving Memory of Aries - July 16, 2021
Aries Smiley Memorial.jpg

There was no greater earthly privilege than to have been loved by Aries of the past 16 years.  You were a loving soul, protector, and mischievous when you wanted to be, being true personality of a miniature schnauzer. I have missed seeing your wagging tail everyday when you greet me at the door. You were a family member, a friend, a loving soul I'll never forget.   

~ Angela Smiley

Aries Smiley2 Memorial.jpg
In Loving Memory of Lilliana
October 24, 2014 - June 23, 2021

When Lilliana came into our lives it was as a foster which turned into her becoming “unadoptable”.  When she first arrived, she had what we thought was a broken leg, but an orthopedic surgeon determined the ligament in her back leg was not attached to the foot.  Surgery was performed on it, and she was walking again in a couple of months.  Then she went through heartworm treatment for two months and beat them too.  She was the happiest little dog and loved playing and running around the backyard.  We then found out, as she was passing out from time to time, that her heart was only beating at 30% of what it should, and she was put on strong meds that seemed to work, and she was back to normal. Until, that is, it was determined she also had a stage 2 heart murmur.   Not to mention that Lilliana also had two kidney stones that could not be removed.  During all of these medical issues Lilliana fought and was the perfect Schnauzer girl who became a huge part of our family.  She fought so hard and wanted to live, but she crossed the rainbow bridge after being diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure.  She slept next to me in bed, and we shared the covers.  Needless to say, I miss her every night and wish she was curled up next to me.  We did everything we could for Lilliana, but she was simply ready to end the fight and left for heaven on June 23, 2021.  We miss you, Lilliana, every day!

~ Sandra & Don Plunk

Lilliana good_edited.jpg
In Loving Memory of Mickey - June 10, 2021

Mickey came into rescue from San Antonio and had not been cared for in a long time.  We decided to foster him and he was such a sweet boy.  In September of 2017 we decided he had to become a permanent family member.  He brought so much joy to our lives.  Mickey turned 10 on March 16 and gained his angel wings on June 10, 2021.  Fly high Mickey!


~Karen and Mike Coleman

In Loving Memory of Sophie - June 7, 2021

Ms Sophie, who was 3 years when she came into my life, and was my constant companion from September, 2013 through hurricanes, flooding, freezing weather, a pandemic and a move to senior living. I am completely lost without her. Thanks for rescuing her for which she in turn rescued me. Job well done.  Now she can Rest In Peace.


~Lea Pheeney

In Loving Memory of Sammy - May 15, 2021
Sammy Helmandollar Memorial.jpg

Sweet Sammy (Sam Sam) was such a special, and strong boy! He was a warrior having spent two of his five short years with me battling two different types of cancer.  He had the best temperament in the world and every person that came in contact with him at the vet would always start the conversation with how much they loved him. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body. He loved being outside, chasing squirrels and barking at bike riders.

Unfortunately, on May 15, 2021 he lost his battle with Lymphoma. I am beyond lucky to have been his momma.

~ April Helmandollar

In Loving Memory of Finnegan - May 26, 2021

We adopted Finnegan from MSRH on June 19, 2010 (the day we took him home….formal adoption about a week later).   Unfortunately, we lost him to kidney failure on 5/26/21.  They were the best 11 years!  We miss him every day! 


Thanks for doing what you do. You’ll always have our love and support. 


~ Deidre Coker

Finnegan Coker.jpg
In Loving Memory of Matilda - May, 2021

My beautiful Matilda -  I will never forget the moment YOU rescued ME.  Your beautiful soul and big ears that earned your nickname, “Radar”, had already captured my heart.   Once I adopted you, you soon became velcroed to me, following me from room to room, watching my every move. I will forever remember your paw on my shoulder or arm, telling me you needed more ear-scratching or hugs or cookies! And the way you stuck your sweet face out my rear car window with the wind blowing back all your facial hair as we made our short trips…and how you hated the thunder and found your safe place in the back corner of my closet on top of my shoes.

Having you in my life was an incredible blessing. Sadly, I said goodbye to you on May 19th after Dr. Henderson, despite such loving care and a great effort, told me you weren’t going to recover from your enlarged gall bladder, inflamed pancreas, bad liver function, and even a newfound tumor in your lungs. If I could, I would embrace you in my life all over again. Rest in Peace, beautiful Matilda, knowing you could not have been more loved or cherished.


A most heartfelt word of gratitude to my friend and neighbor, Marilyn Malaney, who first brought her to me and then lovingly cared for her when I was out of town occasionally. You are an angel!

~ Lynda Watson

In Loving Memory of Becca - April, 2021

Becca came into our rescue the end of March, 2017. She seemed to have had a hard life before we took her in and had several health issues. But, she was a fighter and never let them get her down for very long.  MSRH made her a Forever Foster, so Sandra Plunk and Marilyn Malaney took turns fostering her during the next four years. She loved to use the doggie door and would gallop to it to go outside. If you couldn’t find her, she would be outside investigating everything she could find in the backyard.  She got along with all the other dogs and loved to just lounge in a dog bed. Becca liked to be right behind you and loved attention. She would nudge your hand letting you know it was time for you to love on her. She will definitely be missed by all who met her. She crossed the rainbow bridge on April 20, 2021.


~ Marilyn Malaney and Sandra Plunk

Becca Memorial.jpg
In Loving Memory of Ellie - March, 2021
Ellie1 Memorial - March 2021.jpeg

Ellie passed away at 4:10 on March 25, 2021. She was running full speed into another existence that is bigger than her little body could hold back.   She sat down on our last walk and looked up at me. It was to be our last glance in this world.

~ David Issacs

Ellie2 Memorial - March 2021.jpeg
In Loving Memory of Stella - March, 2021
Stella Frenette - March 2021.jpg

Stella crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 7th after an eight month fight against melanoma. Stella came into our lives to help us with the “training” of her younger brother, River, and she continued to teach us life lessons until the end. Throughout her battle with cancer, she was both strong and brave, and never once complained. Stella loved snuggling and howling at you for treats, but most of all, Stella loved her mama.  To know Stella was to love her.  She had a calm demeanor that put you at ease and she was most happy when she was on your lap and you were petting her. Stella loved everyone, unconditionally, and she made sure you knew it. Stella was a very special dog and she is sorely missed by her family, Mama, Daddy, River and Simba (both also MSRH alums.)

We wish that we had more, but are so blessed to have had the time we did with our little Stella. All dogs go to heaven and this one certainly earned her wings. We hope to see you again some day, sweet angel! 

~ Sherry and Doug Frenette

In Loving Memory of Lulu - February 20, 2021
Lulu Remmert.PNG

Lulu Remmert brought lots of love to our home February 2, 2013 and left us on February 20, 2021.  You are my sunshine girl forever!

~ Susan Remmert

In Loving Memory of Angie - February, 2021

We had the privilege of adopting Angie T. (the Terrible) and fostering her prior to falling in love with her and not ever wanting to give her up. We met a transport coming from San Antonio when Angie was about 6 months old and decided to foster her until we could get her to Houston. We had her spayed, worked on house training and kept falling more in love with her each day. After a couple of months we knew she was here to stay!  I honestly think Angie loved Marlee, our Golden Retriever, much more than her humans, though. She wanted nothing more than to play with Marlee whenever she was around.  But Marlee was already 7 years old when Angie came to our family, so she would just roll her eyes at us and seem to ask, “what is going on with this little thing”? She was very patient and loving with Angie and Angie could just not get enough of Marlee.

Angie Plunk - Feb 2021.jpg

Angie Plunk : June 21, 2008 - February 26, 2021

Angie was so very smart and very, very active. It was a huge shock to us after taking her to the vet for a cough that would not go away, to discover that she had lung cancer. We decided at her age, not to put her through chemo and radiation but to let her just live her life out. She lived seven months after being diagnosed and we were again shocked when she left us. She was at home, had just gone out to do her business, came back inside and died in my arms. Very peaceful but it broke our hearts to lose her. She took a little piece of our hearts with her when she left. We will miss you every day, Angie.

Love always,
Sandra and Don Plunk

In Loving Memory of Mac - February, 2021
Mac Alli Memorial.jpg

Mac, adopted from MSRH in 2012, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 20, 2021.  We believe he suffered a stroke on New Years Eve as a result of fireworks. This was never actually confirmed, however shortly after that evening, we saw his decline and he went downhill quickly.

He was a great dog and loved everyone he came in contact with. He was always kind and gentle and loved being in your lap.


~ Paul Alli

In Loving Memory of Jamie - February, 2021
Jaime Smith - February 2021.jpeg

We lost my much beloved velcro, Jamie (Arlo) after a very happy 10 years with me. He was fostered with my good friend, Hanne Ozolins, as was his buddy, Dane a year later.  Adopted in April, 2011, he went from slightly staid dog to a playful, chasing, boxing and very happy dog.  Jamie loved his walks and his buddy and especially enjoyed his food.  This past January, he started eating more slowly, saw the vet and was diagnosed and treated for pancreatitis. But on x-rays, sadly, cancers were found that had no symptoms (he was always a stoic). Jamie had a great day, Feb 9th, but suddenly collapsed crying in pain, his hind legs cold with no pulse. 

I held my beloved boy in my arms one hour later as our vet released him from pain.  At 11.5 years old, he joined my other dogs and family, but we will meet again and I will see my beautiful boy's eyes once more.  I miss waking in the night to see his eyes on mine.  Dane and I and Hanne continue to grieve.
                                                                                      ~ Jennifer Smith

In Loving Memory of Rupert - February, 2021
Rupert - Feb 2021.jpeg

Rupert came into our lives in May 2020. Despite many hardships and ailments, he was a happy boy.  He loved engaging with people and animals, exploring new places, belly rubs, eating human food, and playing with his toys.

Rupert taught us how to live.  He wanted to enjoy every moment and was a gifted communicator, never shy about expressing his happiness or desire for a diversion. His joy became ours and we quickly fell in love. It was our privilege to serve him and we loved our time together.

Rupert - Feb 2021b.jpeg

Rupert - our prince, our son, our baby - we are sorry that you suffered in life and relieved that you’ve been freed from the shackles of poor health. There was no greater gift than spending quality time with you. Although you are no longer on Earth, we know that you are in a better place. Thank you for loving us and bringing us so much happiness.  You will always be our son.  May God bless you and give you peace.   We love you, Mama & Daddy.

~ Vipra & Sunith

In Loving Memory of Sunny
Sunny Memorial.jpg

We adopted Sunny from MSRH in April of 2017.  He was such a friendly, easy going little guy, and he got along great with our other schnauzer, Natasha.   He brightened up our whole house with his presence. We feel so lucky to have had him and miss him dearly. 

~ Chris Carley

In Loving Memory of Mr. Cliff - December, 2020
Mr Cliff - Dec 2020.jpg

My beautiful Mr. Cliff.  I will never forget the moment I met your kind, gentle soul.  When your glowing caramel eyes lovingly gazed into mine, my spirit knew instantly that fate had brought us together.  From a medical standpoint, your little body was so sick and the odds were clearly against you - I knew that if I adopted you, there would be so many challenges ahead.  But your beautiful soul had already captured my heart.   Once I adopted you, we became inseparable – with marathon cuddle sessions every day.  And when I took you on your daily doggie strolls, where you would sit so regally in your buggy, I couldn’t help noticing the joy and smiles you brought to all who crossed your path. 

Mr Cliff 2 - Dec 2020.jpg

You were my four-legged furry Angel sent by God to touch my heart.  Your gentle, affectionate soul taught me that authentic love requires risks and courage. Despite my fears, you inspired me to take a courageous risk in adopting you; and when God decided, barely six months later, that it was time for you to transition back to the spiritual world, my devastated heart did not want to let you go.  But having you in my life and being in the midst of your beautiful presence was an incredible honor. If I could, I would embrace you in my life all over again. Love transcends all realms and my love for you will forever be eternal.  Rest in Heaven, my beautiful Mr. Cliff.

~ Ruth Goldberg

In Loving Memory of Darla - December, 2020
Darla Gillespie Memorial.jpg

We adopted Darla from MSRH in 2011 and lost her to lung cancer on December 11, 2020.  She started out sweet and submissive but it didn’t take her long to let her older brother Guapo know that there was a “new sheriff in town.”


She was a trooper – especially when being rescued by boat during Hurricane Harvey and making all the many moves with us while rebuilding our home.  Darla will always be in our hearts.

~  Carrie Gillespie and Richard Hinkley

In Loving Memory of Lilly Lin - December 21, 2020

We adopted our precious Lilly Lin in September of 2010. She passed December 21, 2020. She was the alpha in our family and we obeyed her to a tee.


We miss her terribly.  Her sister whom we adopted in 2015 still looks for her guidance.

~ Susan & Elliott Smith and Chloe Marie

Lilly Lin Smith Memorial.jpeg
In Loving Memory of Bernie - December 19, 2020

Bernie (aka Barnie) came into my life on February 15, 2020. He was about fifteen years old and had several health issues but that did not deter me from making him a family member. He was the best valentine I have ever received.

Bernie was a happy, sweet, and silly boy who stole my heart the moment I met him. His precious expressions and playful antics made me smile and laugh every day—especially his baby goat “dancing” impression. We had the most incredible bond and I could not have been more in love with him.  

Sadly, my Bernie’s health began to decline drastically towards the end of the year. Despite his valiant efforts to push through his issues, his little body was failing him and he could no longer keep up his brave fight. With the help of his veterinarian, he peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 19, 2020.

Every day was so special with my amazing little boy and we just did not have enough time together. There are no words that can describe how much I miss him. Run free my sweet Bernie-Boo…until we meet again…

~ Barbara Peck

Bernie Peck - 2.jpg
Bernie Peck-1.jpg
In Loving Memory of Minnie - December, 2020

Minnie was a funny, quirky, tiny little thing that completely ran the roost. She came to MSRH at about 11 years of age as part of a hoarding/ breeding case in 2018....matted, filthy, with chronic ear infections, heart worms, and a mouth full of rotten teeth which left her with irreparable heart disease.

Marilyn Malaney cared for her and loved her for two years.  She came to Dennis and I only two months ago after we lost Scooter and we couldn't help but fall in love with her.


She claimed the largest bed in the house and crowned herself Queen, much to the dismay of the two 22-pound schnauzers already living here. She absolutely adored Corduroy and followed him around everywhere. Even though she was still a bit wary of humans, she came to enjoy being held and loved on. And she would join the others in the nightly begging for animal cracker treats, which she really loved.  She joined all of us on a grand motorhome trip through Georgia & Tennessee in November so got to experience what it was like to be included as a cherished member of a family. We loved her fiercely while she was here and, thanks to MSRH, she received the best care all the way to the end. I am sure that our Scooter boy, who came from the same hoarding situation, was there to greet her last night and show her the ropes. Rest In Peace, Minnie. Your struggle is over now. 

~ Lisa Devaney and Dennis Conley

In Loving Memory of Gretl - November, 2020
Gretl Dement - Memorial.PNG

Precious Gretl came to us from MSRH on May 10, 2013 and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 22, 2020.  She was truly treasured and adored and we miss her so much.

~ Maggie and Harold Dement.

In Loving Memory of Pax - November, 2020
Pax McGee memorial.png

Pax was adopted in June, 2014 at the age of 6-1/2.  He passed in November, 2020.


Best dog in the universe!

~ Laurie Mcgee

In Loving Memory of Patches - October, 2020
Patches - Hill.jpg

Patches was turned into the rescue when someone found him but they only turned him in with the agreement that he would not just be put down.  We think he was just left behind when someone moved away but his actual story is a little fuzzy.  Some at the rescue still just wanted to euthanize him because he was in such bad shape.  We agreed to take him into our home and do our best to try to get him back to health.  More than 10 months later he finally got his first applicant interested.  Almost immediately after that he took a turn for the worse and we decided to pull out of letting someone adopt him.  We still wanted him to know he was loved and that he was worth having an official last name so we adopted him.  He had a few seizures not long after that and we had to say goodbye less than 2 months after we officially adopted him.  He was kooky.  He had dementia.  After he passed, we could see that he had a tumor that was actually large enough to deform his left eye slightly.  We loved him and we feel that we did the best we could to show him love and spoil him for the time that we could.  Next month will be one year and we still miss his goofy, crazy, quirky personality.

~ Anita and Eric Hill

In Loving Memory of Honey - October, 2020
Honey Bracy Memorial.jpg

Honey was described in an MSRH newsletter as an eight year old, quiet girl with a damaged ear and a heart murmur. That notion was quickly squashed when she entered my home.  She walked in and took over. She was the Alpha!  Louis (my other Mini) agreed and the fun began.  She found her voice and her energy. Until she passed, she was a force to be reckoned with.


Honey passed over the Rainbow Bridge on October 9, 2020.  Though she was only a part of my family a few years, I miss her every day and cherish her memory.


~ Barbara Bracy

In Loving Memory of Patterson - September, 2020
Patterson - Sept 2020.jpg

Patterson (lovingly called Paddy by all who knew you), you filled my world with so much joy and laughter for nine years.  I selfishly wanted more time with you and had so much more love to give you, both of which you truly deserved.  You came to me in September, 2011 named Titan, which was so contrary to your timid and skittish nature.  Over time, you conquered the sounds of the scary washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and garbage truck and became more confident and at ease.

During our time together we lost Cooper, our cat, and Bailey, our Schnoodle, and then it was just you and me, kiddo.  Given the diagnosis of nasal cancer in March, 2020,  and maybe 6 months before quality of life would diminish, didn’t mean anything to you and you continued to brave on, living every day robustly.  But soon the days became difficult for us both. 

September 12, 2020, that date carved into my aching heart.  I struggled to let you go, even though the signs were there; my head said it was the right thing for you, but I knew it would never be the right thing for me.  My heart broke into a million little pieces the day I surrendered your little body and soul into the comforting arms of God.  Precious boy, it has been a privilege to take this journey with you.  Rest in peace, my sweetest angel, knowing you could not have been more loved or treasured.

~ Taunia Richey

In Loving Memory of Jett - September, 2020
Jett Hughes Memorial.jpeg

I rescued Jett from MSRH in 2015 and he crossed over Rainbow Bridge in September of 2020.

Much love and gratitude to everyone at MSRH!!

~ DeLynn Hughes

In Loving Memory of Scooter - August, 2020

On August 31, 2020, we had to say goodbye to the silliest, sweetest, most loving little boy ... our Scooter aka Scout aka Poopie. We adopted him two years ago after he came to MSRH as part of a hoarding/breeding situation. He had spent his whole 12 years of life living in a barn with many other dogs. He was matted and filthy and had terrible teeth and chronic severe ear infections. He had to have all of his teeth pulled and it took us at least six months to get his ear infections healed, which resulted in his loss of hearing.

Each morning, Scooter would sit at the front windows and could spot a person/dog/bike/motorcycle a quarter of a mile away and would bark his head off at this imagined threat. In the evenings, he would sit in the comfort of one of his many doggy beds and stare out the back windows at us, waiting for his evening treats. As soon as he would see one of us get up, he would run to the kitchen to wait for his treats.  He loved  everyone that came through our doors, especially the grandkids.....and everyone loved him. He was charming and funny and had so much personality. He will be forever loved and missed.


~ Lisa Devaney and Dennis Conley

In Loving Memory of Molly - August, 2020

We had to say goodbye to our Molly on Aug. 17, 2020. We hit the jackpot when we adopted her six years ago from MSRH. I wanted to name her Happy. She was the happiest dog I have ever seen. Molly did not just wag her tail; she wiggled her whole body. Despite her friendliness to all other pets and people, she was always a determined squirrel hunter. She gave us tremendous joy and she will be missed immensely. A special thank you to Marilyn Malaney, who we call her fairy godmother, for finding us such an amazingly special little doggie.

~ Melissa Phillip

Molly Phillip.jpg
In Loving Memory of Lil Bit - August, 2020

We adopted Lil Bit from MSRH in July, 2016 and she brought so much love and joy into our lives.  She was only 5 pounds but did not let that deter her. Whenever we had a foster, she let them know who was boss!  We also had a 14-year old schnauzer, Talli, who was almost deaf and Lil Bit became her ears. They  bonded, followed each other around and slept together. When we decided to take a road trip from Texas to Maine, it was a given that the "girls" would go with us. Lil Bit took it all in stride and was a great comfort to Talli. Everywhere we stopped, people were in awe of her size thinking she was a puppy. Even big tattooed men would talk baby talk to her! She loved to sit and take in her surroundings, like here on the rocky Atlantic coast at Pemaquid lighthouse in Maine.  For a little girl, she sure has left a very big hole in our hearts!

~ Bob & Brenda Kennedy 

Lil Bit.jpg
In Loving Memory of Libby - July, 2020
Libby Webb - Mini Memorial.jpg

Our precious Libby passed on July 30, 2020.  She and her best friend Kricket were adopted together from MSRH in 2014.  She was a kind, loving, and gentle spirit.  Libby loved her walks around the neighborhood with Kricket, and she loved to make her “perimeter searches” in her back yard.  When liver and gall bladder disease threatened to take her in 2017, she fought hard and with the help of Dr. Savannah Craig of Bay Area Veterinary Specialists she rebounded and gave us three more years of her love and affection.  We love you and miss you, Libby, and we’ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

~ Don & Dana Webb

In Loving Memory of Zoey - July, 2020
Zoey - July 2020rev.jpg

Zoey was such a special girl and a loving member of our family.  She loved long walks, playing with her brother Banjo, and barking at the neighbor's dogs.  When she got tired, she loved to lay in the grass and soak up the sun.  That's why I always called her my little sunshine girl!


She lived the very best life with her favorite wookiee toy by her side.  She always gave unconditional love and enjoyed being cuddled like a baby.  She will be remembered forever and missed forever.


Zoey was born in November 2007 and adopted from MSRH in October 2008 when she was known as Shizara.  She passed in my arms in July 2020.

~ Janice Brown

In Loving Memory of Winston - July, 2020

My wife and I were blessed to spend five and a half years with Winston as a part of our family. He was always glad to see us, looking to play fetch or excited for an outing in the car or at the park. He often vacationed with us, enjoying the car rides on the way. We will miss the little guy and are thankful that MSRH matched us up in 2015. Thank you!

~ Payton Giacomarro

Winston - Mini Memorial.jpg
In Loving Memory of Barkley - July, 2020
Barkley Love - Mini Memorial.jpg

We sadly lost our little Barkley on July 9, 2020.   He was born on January 23, 2006, and came to live with us when he was 6 months old.   We adopted him from MSRH in July 2006, which is when I first met Karen Coleman.  Barkley  loved to play fetch with a tennis ball and would chase it as long as I was willing to throw it.  In this photo, we had just come inside after a fetch session.  He loved his older sister, Sophie, also a Schnauzer, and he never really got over her death in 2018.  Years ago, we were walking them along the sidewalk in our neighborhood when a big dog came out of nowhere.  He attacked Sophie, and Barkley squirmed out of his harness to defend her against this dog that was twice his size. That's when we remembered:  It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.  The fight in him was huge.  He was fearless about defending those he loved.  He loved us, and we loved him.  We miss him so much.

~ Linda & James Love

In Loving Memory of Pepper - May, 2020

We lost our Pepper on May 7th due to a major stroke.  She was doing what she loved best ... going for a walk. We rescued Pepper in 2012, and in return she rescued right back, and that was so like her.  She had the best of temperaments and will be missed dearly by all who had the pleasure of meeting her.

~ Rick, Cathy & Ricky

In Loving Memory of Olive - April, 2020

We had lost our Schnauzer, Reba, when we found MSRH and were very fortunate to be able to adopt Olive. When we first met her in the foster parent’s home, Olive was initially shy but warmed up to us quickly. We suspect she had been a puppy mill dog and had not had a good life prior to being rescued. But she made the most out of our love for her and returned every bit of it and then some.


We called her Olive the Palmolive because that was the only word we could come up with that rhymed with Olive. We were fortunate to enjoy 10 years with her.  She was an absolute joy and wanted to love on any visitors we had. But she hated squirrels (of which we have many) and would stalk them before they disappeared up a tree. She was the MSRH calendar girl twice.

Olive Garrett 1.jpg
Olive Garrett 2.jpg

About 1½ years ago, we were told she had 3-6 months to live. But we took care of her and she took care of us and we got to enjoy her for an extra year. We later adopted a Cavapoo but Olive was the alpha dog in our house and refused to give that up even when she got sick. We planted an Olive tree and had a stone made to remind us of her. We miss her greatly.

~ Linda & Mike Garrett   

Olive Garrett 3.jpg
In Loving Memory of Silver - March, 2020
Silver Keller & squeaky toy 7-2019.jpg
Silver Keller 2 days after adopted frm M

We adopted Silver from MSRH on December 22, 2009, just in time for Christmas. He was about 18 months old and full of beans!  He ran around the house at warp speed!  We called it his turbo mode!

I used to chase him to keep him going.  He got three mile-and-a-half walks a day, most of the time, and also got lots of exercise following his mom all over the house.  The area kids loved him as did the adults, and in fact he became the Neighborhood Goodwill Ambassador!

Silver took being our guard dog very seriously.  He looked out the front window, told us about everyone who passed by and was especially excited when it was the mail carrier!  He also protected us personally.  When one of us left the house, he would sit near the door waiting. Upon our return, he'd run up to us, then go charging back and forth in his excitement to see us again.  He was a sweet, loving companion and lots of fun.  We miss him very much!

~ Page and John Keller

His urn plaque says:

Silver 5-6-08 to 3-16-20
Devoted companion & guard
Sweet dog beloved by many

In Loving Memory of Trevor - February, 2020
Trevor - Mini Memorial.jpg

Trevor was a regular little 'Dennis the Menace', always getting himself in a pickle. If he knew you wanted him to do something, he would do the opposite.  If he escaped out of his yard, you'd better be an Olympic runner because he was.  But when I looked into that little face, all was forgiven and I would melt into a puddle.  He passed on Valentine's Day and I really miss him!

~ Lee Blasingame

In Loving Memory of Oscar - February, 2020

In 2010, we were lucky enough to adopt Oscar from MSRH. We saw his puppy picture and instantly fell in love. Shy at first, he turned out to be the best boy there ever was.  My smile on a hard day, the welcoming voice coming home, my little shadow. He taught me to live in the moment, how to enjoy a good meal and just let the wind run through your fur.  Every day he brought us joy, every single day without a doubt he made us smile.

His best friend was Magnum, our mini schnauzer, who sadly passed away from cancer just three days after we lost Oscar. We can only hope they are running and playing together.  On February 10, 2020 Oscar suddenly passed away from heart failure and we miss him immensely. The house is just not the same without him. Run free, Oscar, we will love you forever.

~ Louise and John Hunt

In Loving Memory of Gracie Lou - February, 2020
Gracie Lou Knight - Mini Memorial.JPG

My late husband, Jim, and I had lost our first mini schnauzer, the beloved Tootsie, in early 2015. She had been his faithful sidekick since his retirement, so he really missed her. In May, we adopted Gracie Lou from MSRH and she quickly picked up where Tootsie had left off! She kept Jim company, sitting beside him or under his desk, while I was at work. When his health deteriorated and he went into hospice care, Gracie lay at the foot of his bed for hours on end, comforting him even then. She was a true lovebug and source of constant joy.

~ Barbara Bamberg

In Loving Memory of Onyx - January, 2020
Onyx Coleman.jpg

We brought Onyx into rescue from the Houston Humane Society in July, 2015.  She was 7.5 years old but in very poor health -- infections in both ears, her mouth a mess with bad teeth and infection, kidney stones in both kidneys, a bladder infection (MRSA), and heart worm positive.  We almost lost her the first two weeks we had her, but with the help of specialists and her human angels, she got through all of that.  It took a year to get her healthy.  Onyx was adopted into the Coleman home July, 2016 and was a true blessing! She had a good 4.5 years and kidney failure finally took her on January 4, 2020.


~ Karen & Mike Coleman  

In Loving Memory of Mollie Cherie - January, 2020

Two years ago we were fortunate to be offered the opportunity to adopt a mated pair, Mollie and Annie from MSRH.  Mollie Cherie or as we liked to call her, “Mollie Belly” because she would roll over as you approached and offer you her sweet belly to rub, was the sweetest dog we have ever had the opportunity to love.  Although she was only with us a short time, we fell deeply in love and feel her loss deeply.


Three months after seeing a few different vets and specialists, we were told that Mollie had bladder cancer. Unfortunately the cancer progressed much faster than any of us would have liked. Her “sister” who had been with her for over 10 years and her “brother” for only two years are also having a very difficult time without her. Thank you to MSRH for taking her in and letting us spoil her. We only wish we could have done so for much longer. Mollie will always hold a special place in our hearts.


~ Patrick & Kelly Goldwait

In Loving Memory of Hannah Kay - January, 2020

Hannah crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 8.  An x-ray taken last August indicated a tumor in her lungs and she was seen by Blue Pearl vet hospital in San Antonio for a CT scan and possible surgery. Unfortunately, the tumor had metastasized and no surgery could be done. At the beginning of the new year, Hannah started having petite mal seizures and her vet, Dr. Alan Garett, felt the cancer had spread to her brain. In spite of all this, Hannah was still doing quite well until the 7th when she quit eating and her respirations were 70 per minute.

With much sadness, we said goodbye to Hannah Kay, AKA Hannah Banana and Momma’s Baby Girl. We adopted her from MSRH at the age of 10. She LOVED playing fetch and would chase a ball for as long as you would throw it. She was such a blessing to us and will be sorely missed! She never met a dog OR a human, big or small, that she didn’t love. Rest easy, my girl, until I see you on the other side. 

~ Lisa Devaney

In Loving Memory of Lexi - September, 2019

Our sweet Lexi girl who we adopted from MSRH on Sept. 6, 2015 passed away on Sept. 18, 2019.  Lexi was a Schnauzer poodle mix and 6-7 months old when we adopted her. She brought us great joy, laughter and love. We enjoyed taking Lexi on many RV trips and even to Canada.

Lexi was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) in May 2019 and responded well to a transfusion and prednisone and enjoyed being her energetic and fun self until a relapse on Sept 12, 2019.  She had more transfusions but her little body destroyed her red blood cells too fast. She had amazing, caring medical teams headed by Dr. Sharon Theisen at Central Texas Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital in Round Rock, Block House Creek Animal Hospital in Cedar Park, Animal Care Center in San Marcos and Dr. Paula Baker in Port Aransas.

Lexi1 - Mini Memorial.jpg

Lexi fought an incredible fight against AIHA and she is now chasing squirrels at the Rainbow Bridge.  We love our sweet Lexi and miss her every day.  She will always be our baby girl and definitely left paw prints on our hearts. We are heartbroken & so sad!

~  Kay Wolking Bratton 
and Richard Bratton

In Loving Memory of Abby - September, 2019
Abby3 - Mini Memorial.JPG

Abby was born December 12, 2006 along with her brother Darwin. I adopted the two together from MSRH. Darwin passed from liver cancer early on and Abby was found to have a heart murmur. I made sure Abby was not stressed on walks when it was warm outside for the sake of her heart.  When I took her in, my vet seemed ok with her condition.  Abby began to lose her health when she began to have labored breathing presumably caused by the murmur. She then had stomach problems and refused to eat, ending in a seizure.

Abby loved me very much and only I got licks on the fingers or face from her. I gave her the best care possible and watched to make sure she stayed out of trouble in the back yard.  She always lay near me when I was on the computer and was with me on the sofa when watching TV.  Abby always made sure I knew it was supper time at 3 pm. She was such a sweet baby! I loved them all but she was the wild one that brought them together, sometimes playing like puppies with Hunter.  She will be missed so very much. Now Abby and Darwin are together on the other side of the mini schnauzer rainbow bridge together again and waiting patiently for me.


~ Derk Blankinship

Abby2 - Mini Memorial.jpg
In Loving Memory of Rigby - August, 2019

It’s been a fun journey since we adopted you in April of 2013. Ms. Marilyn was fostering you when we decided to help out until you were adopted.  Although you got along with your new mom and her dog, you needed a little more attention so we decided you were meant to be a Darbonne all along.

We never looked back … just forward to making you happy! It’s been nine fun years with you Roo!  In February this year you had a bad limp and the vet at the Sulpur Animal Clinic gave us the awful news of osteosarcoma of the right rear leg. Dr. Tom Dayton of Houston Veterinary Clinic did a fabulous job of the amputation and started your chemo treatments every three weeks starting in May.  After your 4th treatment though, we felt something wasn’t right and the vet sadly confirmed it.

We are saying goodnight Little Roo Roo, not goodbye!  Tell Lil’ Girl, Sidney and Little Lady hello from mom and dad. Like MawMaw Nona would say, “We LOVE you too much”!

~ Lenny & Becky Darbonne

Lil’ Man, Teddie Girl, Winston & KeKe

In Loving Memory of Zoey - August, 2019

I adopted my girl from y’all in 2012 when she was 4 years old. She came with the name Zula but I ended up changing it to Zoey. She was super hesitant about people, but I was determined to show her not all of them are bad. I thankfully succeeded and she ended up loving everyone around us.


I was just a freshman in college but was still approved for her. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am that I got the chance to be her mommy. She was my little canine soul mate 100%. Everyone who met her said she was the perfect match for me. She went through a lot with me and I miss her so much. I lost her to chronic illness Saturday, August 3rd, 2019. I was with her until the very end.

Zoey - Aug 2019.jpeg

I will forever miss the little click of claws following right behind me everywhere I went, the way she pitched a fit anytime I wasn’t petting her and I should have been according to her, her loud howls when someone walked in the door and “forgot” to say hello to her first, and the fact that literally every blanket that came into her site - new or old - she got to try first because she loved blankets that much. Thank you for everything this rescue does. One day I’m hoping to find another schnauzer that I can show love to and prove that not all humans are bad.


~ Katie Tatum (Brock) 

In Loving Memory of Xada - July, 2019

Our dear Xada “Piddle Dog” passed away July 30, 2019 at the age of 14 years and 27 days.  She developed congestive heart failure and was being treated with medications.  However, her little heart had just had enough and it was time to take flight.  In her final days, one could tell she was growing impatient with herself in that she couldn’t do things the way she wanted to.  When we arrived at the ER, my wife, Shila, held her in a blanket and Xada just laid her head against Shila’s chest and closed her eyes.  She was ready for the next adventure.

We adopted Xada In October, 2009 while she was being fostered by Herb Hays. We were able to enjoy Xada’s unconditional love and loyalty for almost 10 years, and the joy and love she brought into our home is immeasurable.  She loved to romp and zoom and protected us all by barking at passers by in the greenbelt behind our house.

She formed a somewhat aloof bond with her step-sister, Haley and, although she rarely played with them, she told Haley in no uncertain terms that the basket full of toys was HERS….Haley never even sniffed them again.  She slept in the bed with us from day one and we loved having her there. 

We envision Xada with a little pack of other Piddle Dogs sniffing the wind and zooming as they please.  We love you Piddle Dog and you will be sorely missed.  We’d like to thank everyone at MSRH for all the hard work they perform for this breed.


~ Ronnie and Shila Mahle

Pearland, TX

In Loving Memory of Kimmie Sue  July, 2019
Kimmie Sue Coleman - Mini Memorial_edite

Kimmie Sue came into our MSRH rescue in January, 2008 and became our foster.  We adopted her after her treatment in June of 2009.  She passed at the age of 15 yrs. in July, 2019.

~ Karen Coleman

In Loving Memory of Harry -  April, 2019

Our beloved Harry passed away on April 26th at the age of 14 years.  He had developed a leaky heart valve and was on meds but up to his last day, we were amazed at how much energy he had for an older guy.  He was the pack's leader to the end. He passed in his sleep that night, picking the quiet time to go see what was next for him. 

We adopted Harry through MSRH in December, 2008. The past 11 years spent with him were fabulous ones and he was every bit a part of our family as any of us.  Harry loved to go on walks with us at night and bark at the squirrels ... and neighbors ... and the moon.  He was constantly getting after his pack mate Nikki who had a habit of trying to steal love from us, love that Harry believed was his.  We called him the little general. 

Harry discussing gifts w St Nick.jpg
Harry after a hard day patrolling the ba

Harry is running somewhere in some field today.  His heart isn't leaking, his cough is gone and I'm sure he is still in charge of everything and everyone around him.  We like to think he looks down on us every once in a while.


To everyone at MSRH, you all did good work.  For Harry of course, but also for Angus, and Ella, and for me, especially for me. Thanks for all you do! Here's to Harry!

~ Greg McFarlane

In Loving Memory of Little Lady - February, 2019
Little Lady - Feb 2019.jpg

This amazing little girl rescued me on January 21, 2006, just two days after we had to say good bye to our first schnauzer, Lil’ Girl of 16 years.  Dr. Craig Courville, your awesome vet, thought you were about 4 years old and you were well loved and taken care of by him and his fabulous staff, and of course God Almighty.

Seventeen years is a long time for a little 10 lb. Schnauzer furbaby to live but it still wasn’t long enough!  Always the prim and proper little girl that was attached at the hip to her mama. LOL! I’ll never forget
your first of many trips to Canton Trade Days where I had to purchase a papoosa so you could hang from me while we walked the grounds shopping. You were always near, whether I was working in the flower beds or daddy was taking you along to complete our new LC home, from Saturday night visits to Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house to the annual visits to the Christmas tree farm!  You literally went everywhere with us except the church house. LOL!

You will be missed dearly by your family and your rambunctious furbrothers Rigby, Winston and KeKe. You never got to meet your precious sister Lil’ Girl but she’ll be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge along with your brother Sidney, sister Nonnie and sister Callie.

Enjoy the beauty that He has created for those of us that await that land of beauty until we see you again.  We'll LOVE you forever, sweet darling! Until we meet again ...


~ Lenny & Becky Darbonne
Furbrothers Rigby, Winston & Keke

In Loving Memory of Riley - January, 2019
Riley - Mini Memorial.jpg

Riley came into our hearts and home on May 30, 2009.  When we adopted him his name was Ricky, and we renamed him Riley to honor my mother’s family name.  We could not have asked for a better dog.  He had character, charm, humor, and was always ready to greet you with a wagging nobber, and a glint in his eyes.  He loved to ‘hunt’ and chase anything that would run from him.  And some of those varmints he caught and destroyed in quick order.  He loved to go on the boat with us, and was a great traveller on the road.  We could take him anywhere, let him out and he would stay within a close distance to us, with never a hint of exploring without us.  He loved walking through the woods and we tried to do that nearly everyday.


He was my best friend, my shadow, my protector and I miss him very much.  Riley crossed the rainbow bridge on January 18, 2019 after a short battle with prostate cancer that quickly moved through his body. He was a brave boy right to the end.  We love you Riley, you were the best.

 ~ Trish Pannell and Ron Griffin

Noni Coleman - Mini Memorial_edited.jpg
In Loving Memory of Noni
January, 2019

We adopted Noni in July, 2010 when she was 7-1/2 years old.  She passed in January, 2019

~  Karen Coleman 

In Loving Memory of Gretchen - 2018
Gretchen - March 2020.jpeg

We adopted our sweet girl from MSRH in March of 2012 and loved her dearly.  She was such a joy to us.  Gentle, quiet, yet playful and entertaining.  She loved going for walks and riding in the car or going in the boat or the trailer. She lived the life that she deserved after living in a puppy mill for 7 years.  Ultimately, we lost her to kidney disease and SARDS (sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome).


I miss her every day and we are finally ready to adopt again to once again experience Schnauzer joy.


~ Jim and Kathy Rogers

In Loving Memory of Houston - December, 2018

I adopted Houston from MSRH in April, 2015.  I knew what her name was going to be before I even adopted her.  I had a license plate engraved and mounted on my truck, with her name, “Houston” and the  silhouette of a schnauzer on it, and drove all the way from Michigan to Houston to adopt her.


Houston fit right in with my other two schnauzers, Cookie and Suellen.  For the short time we had her, Houston filled our life with love and joy.  She had a personality that lit up the room.  Houston lives on in our hearts forever. 

~ Judith Butcher

Houston Butcher.jpg
In Loving Memory of Sweet KC - December, 2018
(formerly Gus)

KC crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, December 31, 2018. He had CHF & had been under treatment for several years. His passing was still unexpected this morning.


He was a lover with beautiful brown eyes, always smiling while wagging his nobber. He loved to survey his surroundings and would sit regally on the patio looking for any encroaching threat. He was deeply loved & will be missed immensely. Thank you for allowing me to adopt him. He was always a gentleman.


 ~ Amy Wheat  
Wichita Falls 

KC formerly Gus.jpg
In Loving Memory of Brooks - December, 2018

Brooks came to our home 6 years ago at the age of 4 from MSRH rescue. He could not have been more than the sweetest and most tender hearted dog that we’ve ever had. At first he was so sensitive to any sounds such as opening a can of soda pop. Even to this day he was super sensitive to digital sounds. He had been kenneled the first four years of his life by his previous owner and he knew no other life than that. We loved him for his sweetness. He didn’t like the squeaky in his toys as it easily scared him, but he loved his toys and would carry each one outside with him.  Today, December 31, 2018, we had to say goodbye to our beloved and very sweet Brooks. He will be missed so much! 

~ Chaviva McEntire

Psalms 84:11 "For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord gives grace and glory; No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly."

In Loving Memory of Pia - October, 2018

A part of my left arm is missing.  My beloved Pia crossed the rainbow bridge on October 30, 2018.  She was my joy, my life, my reason for contentment,  my shadow.  I fostered Pia and fell in love with her, adopting her in  December, 2014.  She was my “snuggle buddy.”  When I slept, her little butt was up on my back; when I was on the computer, she was in my lap; when I was eating, she was sitting on the floor beside me; and when I was watching TV or sitting reading in my big chair, she was on my left side, if not in my lap.


She was the neighborhood “Welcome Lady.”  She would get out of the fence and go visit the neighbors who would give her treats and put a note on my door stating she was visiting until I got home.  In other words she was a very personable “baby.”  She was the neighborhood visitor until the fence was finally fixed with boards in the ground so she couldn’t dig out.  She had kidney disease and I had her longer than I thought I would, but it still wasn’t long enough.  I miss her terribly and know I will continue to miss her.  I also know my other schnauzers that have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge (Heather, Hydee, and Charla) will take good care of her until I can be with them all. Don’t fail to adopt a Schnauzer -- the loss is painful, but the joy is worth it all!

~ Charlene

In Loving Memory of Beau - October 2018

Beau was adopted from MSRH in July of 2014.  He spent almost two and half years in Lubbock, Texas before moving to South Bend, Indiana.  Beau was a great little dog, and he was a friend to everyone he came into contact with.  He was a joy to have in my life.  He will be dearly missed, but never forgotten.

~ Ryan Kaspitzke

In Loving Memory of Lady - September, 2018

Our sweet Lady crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night, September 8, around 10:30. Although she seemed to be doing okay as far as the symptoms from her congestive heart failure goes, she had definitely become more frail over the last couple of weeks.

Last night, I was going back through some of the things I had written about her when I first got her and I described her as “the sweetest little cherub of a dog I had ever met.” And she was, to her core, sweet! 

Lady Devaney3 - Sept 2018.jpg
Lady Devaney4.jpeg

She loved people and other dogs and was such a great ambassador for MSRH when I took her to the vet clinic for her checkups. Everyone wanted to pet her and hear her story of going from a shelter to being rescued by MSRH and then coming to live with us. We had a year and seven months to love her and will always be vey grateful for that. We couldn’t have loved her more! 

~ Lisa Devaney

In Loving Memory of Perry - August 2018
Perry 082018.jpg

Perry was my companion from March of 2007 til August 6, 2018. He was one of the sweetest boys and was very friendly with humans and other pets.


Run free with Noele, Lucas and Simon my sweet boy. Until we meet again.


Marilyn Malaney

In Loving Memory of Sidney Darbonne - August 2018
Sidney Darbonne.jpg

My name was Sidney.  I thought I was loved by the folks that cared for me but I figured out that they either grew tired of me or maybe I was sickly or too costly or maybe I got lost.  I didn't like to think they dumped me to get rid of me.  One day a kind lady (Ms. Marilyn) found me and took me in but she had others to care for so she found me a new couple to live with.


So, I moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana in May 2010 as a foster.  I believe I finally found someone to love and care for me and in July 2010 they adopted me.  I think mom said it's called a "Foster Failure"  LOL!!   They treated me as I had always been theirs.  As I grew old I got sickly and developed cancer.  No one has ever been as kind and loving as Becky and Lenny have been to me. Until we meet again Mom and Dad!  P.S.  Tell Maw Maw Nona that she was my favorite too!!

Love Always,


In Loving Memory of Casey Phillip - August 2018

After our beautiful Casey died suddenly on August 8, 2018, we received many comments about how lucky she was to have found us. However, we were the lucky ones. For the entire seven months that she was with us, this smart loving dog gave us nonstop enjoyment.

We called her the dancing dog. Whether it was a greeting at the door, going to the dog park, preparing to eat or just getting up in the morning, Casey would be dancing with all four feet and wiggling her whole body with excitement. She was super friendly and was instantly best buddies with our other dogs, Molly & Penny, who were also adopted from MSRH.  When we adopted Casey, she had already been diagnosed with liver and kidney cancer. We knew her time with us was limited. Fortunately, she was always happy and active.

We are thankful to the numerous folks at MSRH, who always go above and beyond to give dogs like Casey the opportunity for a wonderful life. Although it was much too short, we are grateful for the time we had with Casey. She will be missed enormously.


~ Melissa & David Phillip

In Loving Memory of Brooke
July 2018
In Loving Memory of Eddie Bauer
July 2018
In Loving Memory of Clover - June 2018

We lost Clover the morning of June 27, 2018.  I adopted her from MSRH in March of 2016 (she was known as Marilyn or Marlee).  Clover slipped peacefully away in her sleep; she had congestive heart failure.  I am absolutely devastated, but so thankful it worked out this way.  Her one little front leg that she had left was so arthritic, and the thought of putting an IV in it broke my heart.  But we didn’t have to go that route.  Clover must have had an awful life before MSRH stepped in.  She was a very happy girl those last 2-1/2 years though.  So happy, she was such a loving part of our family.  Here’s a picture of her on a cold winter day last year.  I will always treasure her!


~ Cheryl Moore

In Loving Memory of Elliott - June 2018

We adopted Elliott October 29, 2016.  He is our second mini we have adopted from MSRH.  He passed away on Tuesday, June 5, 2018, from renal failure.  He was already in a fairly advanced stage of renal failure when we adopted him, but that didn't sway us from taking him into our home.


Elliott was a very sweet boy, who loved to be outside whenever you were, and especially loved to play with our neighbor's dog.  He had quirky ears -- those that only a mother could love!  We didn't get to have him in our lives for very long, but he made a huge impact on our hearts, and we will always miss him.

~ Jo Downing

In Loving Memory of George Dell Rath - May 2018

It’s been 2 months since my sweet Georgie crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a year of courageously fighting acute & chronic pancreatitis, diabetes & rapid onset blindness at age 12 years, 11 months -- he would have been 13 on July 4th.


I adopted Georgie at 2 years of age from Mini Schnauzer Rescue/Houston in 2007 – and he rescued me!  He was sent to MSRH as “Jack” – but didn’t like that name, and he chose “George!”  He was “Mr. September” in the 2007 MSRH calendar that year!  He was such a great little dog—very protective, SMART(!), and loved by all, and always so very brave, especially this last year with so many vet visits, lots of meds and insulin twice a day. I miss him so very much!  Rest well, my sweet boy.

~ Linda Rath

In Loving Memory of Maggie - April 2018

Maggie rescued me as much as I rescued her after I arrived to live in Houston after moving from the UK. We both found ourselves in unfamiliar surroundings but with the love and support of all around us. 


Maggie was 12 yrs when we rescued her in January 2015. I recall the day I picked her up at her foster moms she still had a plastic cone on after surgery and she sat in the front seat of my car as we drove home watching the world go by most probably wondering where her next adventure will take her. 


We all fell in love with her straight away and have enjoyed three funny, loving years together. It was only after watching her deteriorate through a combination of old age and diabetes that we decided it was time to say goodbye. On her last day we took her for our routine walk, fed her with her favorite food, and made sure she was tightly wrapped in the arms of those that had loved her dearly as she went over rainbow bridge. 


Loved, missed, and will never be forgotten.

~ Jon, Kenny, and Cassie

In Loving Memory of Jill
April 2018

We rescued Jill from a shelter in May 2005.  She was the sweetest girl and my best friend.  She didn’t let me leave the room without being on my heels.  She was a mama’s girl.  When she was obviously hurting after the new year, we knew we weren’t going to put her through a bunch of tests and surgeries.  Putting her down was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  She is now in an urn in our home, and I see her every day.  I had her for almost 13 years, and she was a gift!  I’ll always love my Jill!!


~ Marjie Doleman

In Loving Memory of Rascal
March 2018

I adopted Rascal in 2010 from MSRH, when he was about 1 year old. He passed away March 18, 2018 of osteosarcoma at the age of about 8 years old. He and I have been through a lot over the past few years, and he was my best friend. I miss him dearly, but I am ever so thankful for our time together. 

~ Cindy Lott

In Loving Memory of Edison - February 2018

We lost our Edison the morning of February 19, 2018.  He was diagnosed two weeks earlier with bone cancer and we kept him comfortable with medication and vet care. He passed away in his sleep outside napping on the patio on a beautiful day with a warm breeze and all his brothers and sisters playing nearby.


Thank you so much for putting Edison in our lives and allowing us to be his forever family. He brought so much love into our lives and will always be a part of our family.  Even though he came to us in his senior years, he never gave less than a 110%.  He will be missed and always loved.  Thank you for everything and reassuring us that he was happy.


~ Oscar De Los Santos and Carla Saravia  

In Loving Memory of Brooke Elaine Bacon - February, 2018

My beloved Brooke Elaine crossed the Bridge on February 4, 2018.  I adopted her from MSRH the day after losing Candy Cane in 2009.  Karen Coleman took me around to meet minis and I fell in love with her the moment we met. She loved the beach house and although a people dog, she tolerated Clarisse and Whitley when they joined the pack.


Cancer sucks..her decline began in March 2017.  She was stoic and as her collar said...the “Queen Bitch”. May she run free with Patia and Candy Cane until I see her again. Love you always my sweet girl.

~ Karin Bacon

In Loving Memory of Charla - December 2017

In early 2011 after my Schnauzer Heather crossed the rainbow bridge Marylin brought me a very shy little black eight pound girl to foster.  On September 27, 2011 I adopted my beautiful baby, Charla.  It took her a long time to trust me, but she came around and even gave me kisses.  Charla’s kidneys gave out and she crossed the rainbow bridge on December 29, 2017.  We had six great years and even though she was the typical child (ornery at times) I dearly loved her.  For the most part she got along with her sisters Hydee (Who crossed the Rainbow Bridge December 4. 2017) and Pia.  I’m so grateful to still have Pia.  When I first got Charla she didn’t even know how to jump – we fixed that problem.  She was so loveable and I miss her greatly.  She was my protector.  She barked if anyone was near and met me every night.  Pia is hard of hearing so she can’t tell when I come home.  I really miss them meeting me every night.  She took a part of my heart with her.

~ Charlene

In Loving Memory of Zoe Goldwait - December 2017

We are so grateful to MSRH for rescuing Zoe so we could adopt her. She was such a sweet, caring, smart dog who our Fox Terrier-Chihuahua bonded to immediately. She never seemed bothered as he jumped all over her and was his guide on how to be a great member of the family. She also loved and protected each one of our family of seven, especially the head of household. She never left his side except to provide comfort and/or protection to another ill or sad family member. She always seemed to know when you needed her. We miss her dearly and will always love Zoe. We are so happy to have been able to have had the opportunity to shower her with love and a good life.


~ Patrick & Kelly Goldwait

In Loving Memory of Bentley William - May 2017

Bentley William was taken from us much too quickly.  A true angel who was so very happy and energetic the whole time he spent with us.  Even at 10 pounds in size, he always announced to the world he was present with his distinctive voice.  Having Bentley in our lives was such a gift. 


Bentley William was 2 years old when he entered our home and departed over the rainbow bridge in his tenth year because of a defective heart. His endless love of us and “L.T.”, his buddy who was also adopted at the same time, was deep and complete.  Hie presence still surrounds our hearts.


~ Walt Kellam & Don Barnett

In Loving Memory of Pepper Wolf - March 2017

We are grateful to MSRH for rescuing our precious Pepper, who gave use 15 years of love and joy after adopting her in 2002. She will always have a very special place in our hearts. We miss her so much.

~ Debbie Wolf

In Loving Memory of Sasha Konter - March 2017

I was going to “foster” Sasha.  That lasted all of 5 minutes.  The hope was that she and Ben (who went over the rainbow bridge in 2015) would bond.  She was having none of that.  She was a momma’s girls from the minute she got home.  All that mattered to her was her mom and she didn’t want her pesky brother to interfere with that. She was one of those dogs that immediately knew what was going on with you and reacted to it.  She insisted on sleeping next to my head until I got a much needed CPAP machine and she no longer felt like she had to be there if I stopped breathing for too long. Whatever I was feeling, Sasha mimicked those feeling.

After Ben passed away, we got Miko and all though it surprised us all, within a couple of weeks Sasha was Miko’s protector (of course he let her be boss).  She was very sad when he went over the rainbow bridge in December.  She had been battling kidney disease for over a year and seemed to be doing well, when suddenly she didn’t want to eat and multiple organs were inflamed and/or not functioning right or well.  Nothing we did worked and I couldn’t let her suffer.  She went over the rainbow bridge on March 16, just a week before her assigned 14th birthday.  I love you sweet pea, you will always be in my heart.

~ Susan Konter

In Loving Memory of Baxter Paire - February 2017

The first photo won my heart on the MSRH website. I just had to meet him...and so I drove out to the foster mom's house where he was waiting for me. We met on the living room floor and played for a while then he went to the front door and stood up on his back legs with his front feet up on the door as if to say "Ok, I've been waiting for you and you're here, so let's hit the road!". That was the start of an amazing love affair between us.  Baxter was a rescue from Port Arthur, thank goodness he was saved from the pound there by MSRH angels.  

Because he was a rescue, we didn't know how old Mr Baxter was.  I think that the vet was confused by his grey hair (they say it adds years to your looks, right?) when he told me that Baxter was 7 when we went for our first checkup! He couldn't have been 7 because he lived with me for 13 happy, barky years and that would have made him 20! On February 27th, my Baxter had to cross the rainbow bridge because he had severe heart failure and the medications just couldn't keep him with us any longer. An angel hospice vet named Dr. Spade came to spend some time with us at home, and she helped my beloved Baxter be comfortable as he went ahead to the next world where I pray he'll be waiting for me when I arrive. I'll never forget my "Baxter", my beloved sweet man. Now he lives in my heart forever....I love you, sweet Baxter. 


~ Shreda Paire

In Loving Memory of Hank Loeffler 
January 2017

We adapted Hank from MSRH in February of 2010 and we were blessed to have him with us for seven years. Hank was a good, sweet, happy, loyal and lively little boy. We could not have wished for any more or for any better.


He was a huge part of our lives and he wanted to be involved in anything that we did. He could always make us laugh and lighten our spirits. Hank loved chasing squirrels, riding in the car, taking walks and of course snuggling. We will always love and miss our little buddy.


~ Ken Loeffler

In Loving Memory of Henry McCoy- January 2017

“The brightest stars burn out twice as quickly…”


Henry came into my life along with Arthur- both rescued from MSRH back in 2008. I had adopted both of them as “Oscar’s Angels” – my previous mini that lived a long and happy life 2 weeks short of his 15th birthday. I’m a caretaker of elderly parents and the loss of Oscar was so hard on them that I reasoned that “it would take two to fill in the void of the loss of the one.” Henry was introduced to me at a “Dog Spa” where he came out fresh, clean, and prancing. My father took one look at his face, giant eyes and energetic gait and knew right away “yep – he’s ours.”

The vet’s office called my two terrors “The Two Kings” due to their energetic nature, proud entrances, emphatic barks to announce their presence, and ... their names Arthur and Henry. I enjoyed nearly 9 years with them together. About 3 years ago I noticed he wouldn’t bark any more – then it became pretty apparent that he lost his hearing. It took me a while to learn how to communicate with hand gestures, but we picked up right where we left off otherwise. Back in July of 2016, Henry started showing signs of Cushing’s disease and we began treatment. Around January 7th, his appetite diminished and couldn’t even hold down water. He spent the weekend in bed.


My father took him in on Tuesday, the 10th and the doctor said there was absolutely nothing she could do. She had no explanation for why his condition degraded so quickly. He knew, and she knew that there was probably no coming back from this, and he did the only merciful thing he could. Henry passed around noon on a bright, sunny and unusually warm January afternoon, about 2 months shy of his 10th birthday. My father arrived at my work several hours later in tears to tell me. I was upset that he didn’t tell me earlier so I could be there, but I understood why he did what he did. I was there for our Oscar; he was there for my Henry. The house is unusually solemn and quiet these past few days and Arthur’s been looking for “his buddy” for days. I’m already in the process of finding Arthur a companion so he’s not alone and in good spirits. Henry was the Walter Matthau and Arthur was the Jack Lemmon (in age, in demeanor, and in personality – and like those legendary greats – Matthau exited stage left first. I’ll never forget him – he was the first pet I’ve ever had in my 38 years that I could honestly say “was mine.” Raising Schnauzers is a lesson in humility, patience, and sacrifice knowing what possible ailments the breed carries – but I can’t have it any other way.


~ Shawn McCoy

Schnauzer owner to many, but truly a companion only to one

In Loving Memory of Sheldon Dunning- January 2017

This is Sheldon (aka Taz). We adopted him on 30 June 2013 from MSRH (we picked him up @ Caynon Lake, along the Guadalupe River). Our beloved Sheldon crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 3 January 2017 following an unexpected and aggressive diagnosis of stage 4 hemangiosarcoma @ NC State Veterinary Medical School Hospital.


Sheldon quickly became a member of our house the day he came home with us. When he met his older brother, Tiberius, it was as though they were long lost litter mates. He never met a stranger and melted everyone's heart with his gentle personality and soulful round black eyes.  Sheldon enjoyed living in Hawaii for two years (6/14 to7/16) until our move to Ft Bragg, NC in July 2016.


Thank You MSRH for this beautiful gentle, kind soul wrapped in a white schnauzer suit. He was truly a gift and he is missed tremendously.


Although our hearts are broken, I know Sheldon has taken a piece of his mommy & daddy's heart with him so he can listen to our heartbeats so he can truly rest in peace until we reunite. 


~ Debbie & David & Tiberius

In Loving Memory of Miko Kennedy-Konter - December 2016

Miko came to MSRH as a very sick senior with a heart murmur, high blood pressure and needing all but 4 teeth extracted. His foster mom Brenda Kennedy took great care of him and really had a hard time letting go and allowing me to become his new mom.  We always kept her in the loop.  After all she was and will always be his is other mom.  We didn’t know if Sasha (his sister by adoption) would accept him but she did. In fact, more than we ever thought would be the case, even taking on the role of his protector.

Miko was one of the sweetest schnauzers anyone could ever meet. Unlike most miniature schnauzers, he was extremely quiet. If he saw another person or dog he didn’t know he would give a single bark just to make sure you knew a stranger was there but that was it.  And he would make a funny little noise if Sasha tried to take his precious cookies. He had special cookies and he loved those cookies, cheerios, and sweet potato puffs.  And he would look at you with pure love.

A very aggressive form of cancer came along and it worsened his heart condition causing congestive heart failure. At the same time the cancer seemed to go to his brain causing seizures and disorientation. I could not let him suffer.  Miko went peacefully over the rainbow bridge on December 16th 2016.  But he will live our hearts forever.

~ Susan Konter

In Loving Memory of Thor Nadler - November 2016

Dear Thor, it has been over five weeks since I lost you and I still miss you every day.  I know this is because of how much I love you, and how lucky I was to find my “canine soul mate.”  I will never forget the first time I saw you when I  went to the Vet pick up a dog to foster.  I took one look at you, way too skinny and trembling with fear, and knew there was no way I could leave you there.  I remember that night we stared at each other, and I at least was thinking now what?  But we figured it out, and within days I knew there was no way I could let you go.  You gave me six wonderful years of love, fun, laughter.  You protected me, especially from the daily invasion of mail through the door slot.  I protected you from thunder storms, which, ironically considering your name, terrified you.  I am thankful that I never took you for granted.  I loved and cherished you every day – even the day when I came home to a toilet-paper blizzard courtesy of a Costco mega-pack and your exceptional shredding skills.  One day, I will have another dog in my life.  He or she will be a tribute to you and to the wonderful relationship we had.  I will love this new dog, but it will never replace you and the Thor-shaped hole in my heart.

Love always,

Your Mommy

In Loving Memory of Boudreaux Granger - August 2016

I adopted Boudreaux (formerly Joseph) from MSRH October 2008, right after Hurricane IKE.  He was found walking the streets, skinny and in an awful mess.  When I saw his little face on the MSRH site, I knew I had to adopt him because he looked so pitiful that he might not find a home!  So I drove from Austin to ColdSpring to his foster's home.  He barked at me, then laid over in my lap like a baby and let me rub his tummy.  It was love at first sight.

I believe he came to me to save my life. I was so lonely and when I adopted my 'Sweet Daddy Boudreaux', then I had a new reason to get out and about. He was my traveling buddy, my snuggler, my confidante, my best friend in the whole world. He came to me with a heart murmur, then arthritis, eventually he lost nearly lost all hearing and sight. In April, I discovered he was in liver failure.  I was devastated.  I spent a fortune to keep him comfortable.  He died in my arms August 27.

My heart is broken into pieces.  I am devastated and have not stopped crying.  I miss his sweet face, his unhappy, disheveled look when I woke him up in the mornings, his gentle way of laying on my chest and letting me love him and shower him with kisses. 

Boudreaux was 14 years old.  I plan to ask God one day why the perfect companion has such a short life and sea turtles live to be 150.  Sigh.

~ Lisa Granger... always Boudreaux's mommy

In Loving Memory of Minnie DiCicco - September 2016

Minnie (formerly Lily) was such a beautiful little girl who was so well behaved and lovable and sweet. She was the most wonderful companion and her time with us was just much too short. She was so precious with a one of a kind and gentle personality. She had become very sick all of a sudden in the past week and we were stunned to find out she had liver cancer that could not be treated. We miss her every day!! Our hearts are broken. Thank you to all of you who worked with her in her training, you did a wonderful job. 

~ Maria DiCicco

In Loving Memory of KellyGirl Virgadamo

June 2016

Kelly, our "KellyGirl" has crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning after a lengthy illness. She came to us 8 years ago as a foster with Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston, terrified of people, because she had been abused at only 2 years old. She had epilepsy caused by a wire that was tied around her neck and massive heartworms. Although she suffered greatly from that all her life, she was a happy, healthy dog but alas, at only ten years old, her body was just worn down and we couldn't watch her suffer anymore. She passed over in Dennis' arms, where she spent most of her time, with us and Diva and Bingo by her side.  


~ Laura Virgadamo

In Loving Memory of Gabby - May 2016


In Loving Memory Joshua Paul Beene

June 2016

Joshua was rescued from a Dallas Shelter and was already a little old man when we received him.We were just going to hang on to Josh for a few days until we had a good foster for him or until he got adopted.  After several days, maybe weeks, it was apparent that Joshua would be a Forever Foster with MSRH due to his age and all of his little ailments. After two and half years with us, and so very many happy memories, Joshua woke up one morning and let me know he was tired, really, really tired.  I always knew he would be the one to let me know, for some reason Joshua and I connected - we had a bond that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

On June 30, 2016 when it was time to say goodbye, Joshua crossed over with his momma (I had adopted him by this time) right there. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  As sad as I am without Joshua in my life, I wouldn’t have missed him for the world.  I wouldn’t have missed Joshua for all the money in the world.

~ Tammy Beene

In Loving Memory of Toby Stippel - May 2016

Toby came to us in the summer of 2009 thanks to the match making skills of Marilyn. My wife and I had just settled into our very first house and we were looking for something to make the house a home. From the very first day he began to touch our hearts. After every hard day of work I would come home to him begging for a treat and after I settled in on the recliner he would climb up next to me and take a nap til dinner.  You could usually find him passed out on dads pillow or cooling off on the wood floor under the bed. He loved to eat, sleep, snuggle, and did I mention eat? He endured many medical hardships over the years but was always in good spirits. His other fur brother that we also adopted from MSRH looked out for him as his sight and health began to fade. He will always be loved and cherished. Toby wasn't just a dog. He was my dog, he was my best friend and I know we will meet again. Forever and always.


~ Zach and Heather Stippel 

In Loving Memory of Roux Newby - January 2016

My sweet little boy Roux lost his battle with Lymphosarcoma on January 3, 2016. He crossed over the rainbow bridge in my arms surrounded by his Grandma and Aunt who loved him so much.


The first time I saw Roux it was love at first sight, my heart literally melted! That little guy had me wrapped around his paw, I would have done anything for him. He was so sweet and loving and never met a stranger. I am truly blessed to have found him even for the short time he was with me and to have been able to be called his forever Mom. My house just isn’t the same without the pitter patter of his paws on the hard wood and his excited greetings when I walk through the door. I will forever miss him and the joy he brought to my life. I love you Buddy!


~ Alicia Newby

In Loving Memory of Lola Harrington - December 2015

Lola came to us in 2007, another of our failed fosters.  She had an adopter, but I couldn’t let her go because from the moment she came, she was MY dog, my special love and it was that way until she left us.  Always beside me, always with me - I even had to put a pillow between the front seats of the car so that she could ride there, usually with a paw on my arm.  I have loved many Schnauzers, but she was the special one.  She had been turned in to a shelter - I can’t imagine why - but i think we made up for that.  She loved and was loved until the end.


~ Carol Harrington

In Loving Memory of Rooney Fries - November 2015

Rooney Fries came to his forever home from Houston Schnauzer Rescue in July of 2003.  After a quick name update (he came to us as Gumbo since he was rumored to have been found wandering along I-10 in Louisiana), he took his place as a beloved member of the family.


A traveling man, Rooney was lucky enough to visit a good amount of the country with our family and was an experienced in-cabin flyer.  Whether he was walking along the seawall in Ft Lauderdale, exploring a stream in Colorado, playing with our neighbors at the West Webster dog park, or hanging out with his people floating on his ‘raft’ on Lake Livingston, Roons was always part of the fun and the center of attention.  Age finally caught up with him in early November and he passed away peacefully at the F.M. 1960 Animal Hospital.  He will be especially missed this holiday season.


~ John Fries

In Loving Memory of Vanna Devaney-Conley - November 2015

My precious Vanna...or as she was affectionately known Vanna Shania Savannah Banana Devaney-Conley....crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 1:50 pm today, the same way she did everything else in her life...on her own terms, in her own time. 


Dennis and I welcomed Vanna into our home in the summer of 2011 as a temporary foster while Marilyn was on vacation. After her first night here, my husband said "You might as well call them now and tell them we're keeping her.." She has had my heart and soul from the moment she got here. 


Not too long after, she was diagnosed with Acquired Immune Hemolytic Anemia and had to go for bloodwork every month due to the steroids she had to take for her condition. In November 2012, she and my mom were diagnosed with cancer. My mom's was lung cancer and Vanna had leukemia. More medications for her and the monthly bloodwork continued. Vanna then accompanied me back and forth to Corpus (and virtually everywhere else) for these last 3 years. She had 3 more bouts of a toe, mammary gland, and most recently a fast growing cancer in her cheek. In her own time, she even came to love all 7 of my grandkids, even though kids were never "her thing."


I will miss her in her frilly summer dress, seeing her all snuggled up in her "princess bed," and just her sassy little demeanor as she bossed the bigger dogs little Diva! She was one of a kind and I feel so blessed to have been her mom.


~ Lisa Devaney

In Loving Memory of Lady Strauss - September 2015

Lady loved her tiny stuffed toys, sitting in the sunshine, her friends Scout and Kiwi and sitting on my lap. We had almost 5 full years together, and she will always be lovingly in my heart. She will always be my Pookie Doodle, my Little Moonbeam, my Sweet Little Lady. Thank you Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Houston.

~ Jo Strauss

In Loving Memory of Hurley Harrington - July 2015

I lost Hurley July 17, 2015  He was one of our failed fosters.  He came to us in 2008 after living on the streets for a long time and my husband would not let him go.  Hurley was his dog - he adored him.


~ Carol Harrington

In Loving Memory of Noele Hays - June 2015

On the morning of June 4, 2015, I took Noele for her last ride to the Vet. She was in the last stages of kidney failure. So at a few minutes after 9:00am on June 4, 2015, Noele crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  


Marilyn had adopted Noele and the first time I came over to Marilyn's house, Noele came up to me and let me pet her. Marilyn said this was very unusual, since she was a one-person dog. When Marilyn went on vacation to California, I kept Simon, Perry and Noele. 


When Marilyn came home from vacation, I told her that she could take the two boys, but I was keeping the little girl. Noele and my Schnauzer Lucas had bonded and looked like brother and sister from the same litter. Marilyn said okay!  Noele became one of my family, but lacked social skills with other people. She barked at everyone else, except for Marilyn. I was given Noele's official adoption papers by Marilyn that Christmas.  


Noele had cataracts and was also diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Over the years her seeing grew worse, but she relied on the sound of my voice to get around. In her own surroundings she knew where to go to her water and food bowls. 


Noele lived a good life. She and Lucas would often play, and she never let Lucas get the best of her.  She never liked play toys - she did not like the squeaking. She would take them from Lucas, and stash them under my bed - I found 20 or more hidden on various occasions.

Old habits still make me think I hear her collar tapping against the water bowl when she drinks... I still think I hear her little claws, as she walks across the kitchen floor looking for a tasty morsel, which may have dropped to the floor.  When I look around the floor where her bed used to be... or open the cabinet to where her pills used to stay, Noele's spirit is still around.  Although time will heal the hurt we feel, her little paw prints will always be embedded on our hearts!  Miss you Baby Girl!


~ Herb Hays

In Loving Memory of Tootsie Stansfield - July 2015


I had Tootsie since a puppy. She was fourteen years old. I've had all breeds of dogs throughout my life..  She is the reason I fell in love with Schnauzers.  I'm truly lost without her and deeply saddened.  I will go straight to Rainbow Bridge and scoop up my beloved Tootsie when it is the end of my days.  I love you forever and will always miss your love and companionship. My tears will turn to happiness and joy when I hold you again.  May God bless you until then.


~ Donna Stansfield

In Loving Memory of Simon Davis - July 2015

Our baby, Simon Davis, left us today, July 15th and took a walk over the rainbow bridge.  He was the light our lives and every day we looked forward to him greeting us at the door.

He was so sweet and he was our child  I can’t express into words how much he is going to be missed.  There is a void in our hearts and our home now.  Every room in our home had a bed for him, because he would follow me where ever I went so