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Open Volunteer Opportunities 

All of our volunteers help make MSRH a success. Your desire to give of your time makes such a difference for the rescues.  The volunteer positions found on this page require a bit more of a time commitment. These opportunities typically require 20 hours or so per month. Please read the role descriptions to better understand the type of duties required and the potential time commitment.


If you wish to periodically give of your time, visit our volunteer page to review specific areas of need. If your particular skill isn't found, please reach out to us. We can surely find you a spot. 


Would you enjoy working with our rescues and potential adopters? This volunteer will be speaking with potential adopters and learn what type of Schnauzer they are looking to adopt.  This person will also be making phone calls to veterinarians for references and if needed, complete a Home Visit to potential the adopter if they have not previously had dogs. You will help determine what type of dog will fit their lifestyle best and set up a meeting with the dog and the potential adopter.  If you have the time and like meeting new people, we would love to have you join us. If you are interested, please email or call (281) 336-1163 and leave a message. 

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