Waiting in the Wings

Meet our Schnauzers that are not quite ready for adoption. Most are going through heartworm treatment or are undergoing treatment for an illness or injury. Even though these dogs are not currently available, they will be soon. 


The cost for taking a dog through heart worm treatment is approximately $750.00 and the treatment usually takes 60 days.  The cost for Schnauzers with other serious injuries or illness can take longer

and is much more expensive. 

If you would like to sponsor one of these little Schnauzers, MSRH would greatly appreciate your help. You can also help by donating any amount, as every dollar that is given to MSRH goes directly to the care of the rescues that we take in.  Please click on the paw to donate.

Sponsor a Treatment



3 year old, 23 pound, salt and pepper/tan, male, Miniature Schnauzer/MIx.  Was found as a stray and he will not be ready for adoption until at least September, as he is very, very skittish and will run if given the chance.  Requires socialization and training.  

Adoption Fee $450


Nelson (HW Positive)    

Male, Black, Miniature Schnauzer, 10 years old, 11 lbs.  Has a Grade 6 Heart Murmur.

Adoption Fee $250