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Stormi cute_edited.jpg

This precious 5 yr. old, 18 pound, black and white, with natural ears and a docked tail, Miniature Schnauzer girl is Stormi.  Stormi came to rescue in a lot of pain, as she had Glaucoma and there was a lot of pressure on her eyes.  Unfortunately, the eye specialist Veterinarian told MSRH that both of her eyes had to be removed.  She is feeling so much better and is doing just fine. As soon as she knows her surroundings you might never think she can't see.  She needs a one-story home with no stairs. Stormi seems to get along with most other dogs, but she is a little bit alpha, maybe due to her eye problems.  She would be fine as an only dog so she could get all of your attention.  She also needs a human that is not afraid of her blindness and can love her just the way she is.  If that is you, you won't regret making Stormi part of your family.

Adpitontion Fee $350


Anthony good_edited.jpg

Let us introduce you to Anthony who is one little busy guy.  He is two years old and weighs about 19 pounds with natural ears and tail.  He is a black and white Miniature Schnauzer/mix boy. 
Anthony is a active boy who loves to walk.  He is doing two and a half miles or more every morning.  Anthony is good on a leash, he will not bark at people or other dogs.  He does have a weakness for squirrels and will try to chase all of them he sees.  He loves to play with toys and to be petted.  He is doing well on his manners is the house, but can have an accident if left too long.  He gets along with other active dogs.  Inactive dogs think he has too much energy,  Anthony also loves meal times, to the point that he can be food aggressive so it's better to feed him meals and treats away from other animals as he thinks all food is for him.

Adoption Fee $450


Darby outside_edited.jpg

My name is Darby and I am a 9 yr old, salt and pepper, male Miniature Schnauzer.  I have natural ears and tail.  When I was rescued by the nice people at MSRH, I had heartworms.  I have successfully completed my treatment and am ready to be adopted.  I am very shy and timid, sometimes really scared.  It’s not because I don’t like you, it’s because of my previous life. It’s not because I don’t want to be loved.  I just don’t know how to accept love and affection.  If you think you can give me some space to get use to you, be patient with me, and understand that I can only tolerate human touch for so long (when we get to that point in our relationship), then I will be your forever biggest fan.  I like hanging out in my kennel, but will curl up on the couch on occasion, sitting next to my humans.  I enjoy exploring and running around in the back yard but I don’t really like playing with other dogs. I am very quiet and do not bark even while I am out walking on my leash.  I think I prefer female humans over males. 

Get ready to meet this sweet, gentle soul that has surely survived a hard life but no doubt has so much love to give.  The best is yet to come for this one.

Adoption Fee $250


Liza good_edited.jpg

This little Miniature Schnauzer/Mix is very special.  You might even say she is a bit of a diva.  Liza is 11 years old and weighs about 10 pounds and is black and white in color with natural ears and tail.  She does get along with the other doggies at her foster home, but she would prefer to be the only dog in the house so she can get all of your attention.  Ever met a true diva?  

Adoption Fee $250

Rusty David  

Rusty David_edited.jpg

This goodlooking boy is Rusty David and he is a male, chocolate, Miniature Schnauzer who is 10 yrs. old, weights 20 lbs. and has natural ears and a docked tail. Rusty should go to a home that has Miniature Schnauzer experience and does not have children.  He knows the doggy door and will make his new human a great companion.  

Adoption Fee $250

Leo 2.0   

Leo 2_edited.jpg

This handsome 6 yr. old, 11 lb., white, Miniature Schnauzer boy, with natural ears and docked tail is Leo.  He gets along with the other dogs at his foster home and is excited to meet new people and can be a little noisy.  He should not be in a home with small children.  

Adoption Fee $350


Argie red_edited.jpg

This little 4-year-old, 23 pound, salt and pepper/tan, male, Miniature Schnauzer/MIx has had some adventures in his life.  Arnie was found as a stray and we have been working very hard to get him socialized.  He has decided that playing with the other dogs at his foster home is not such a bad thing after all.  He is finding out exactly how much fun it is to be a dog with a family.  Arnie likes to be petted, but he is very hesitant at first. He does need to go to an experienced dog owner who can give him direction as to what he is not allowed to do and has the time to give him some additional training.  He does not do well walking on a leash and at night his foster mom uses a leash when he goes outside even with a fence.  His human will need to understand that he was probably a feral animal and will run if given the chance.  

Adoption Fee $450


Ash full_edited.jpg

Ash is a 27 lb., 4-year-old, salt and pepper, male Miniature Schnauzer.  He is wicked calm around the house and while he will play a bit he mostly likes to lounge.  Ash may bark at visitors for a second, but overall is great with people and loves to be in his person's lap if they will let him.  Ash is very sweet and loving and gets along really well with people. He did get along with the cat at his foster home.  Ash is a bit leash aggressive and very vocal when out walking.  He will need some leash training.

Ash is not food aggressive and fully house trained. We will be glad to introduce you!

Adoption Fee $450