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If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues, please fill out the Adoption Form and mention which dog(s) you are interested in and we will contact you as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE:  MSRH is temporarily suspending our adoption application form as we continue to work through the existing ones received earlier this year.  We are still doing intakes of miniature schnauzers who need to be rescued and once we catch up with approved adopters, we will activate our adoption application.  We anticipate this will be the first week of November, but please check back here for the latest information.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!



Liam is a 7 year old white Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a cropped tail and weighs about 15 lbs. He's housetrained and crate trained. Liam loves to go on walks and is an excellent walking companion. He's submissive to dogs but will need time to warm up to humans. Liam‘s perfect match is an experienced dog owner who isn't intimidated by a stubborn Mini Schnauzer. Grooming isn't his favorite thing. Liam is quiet inside but can get vocal in the yard. He has hair loss on his chest and legs which will continue to get better as he's on inexpensive canine thyroid medication with his daily meals. A calm home without small children would be ideal

Adoption Fee $350



This is Benji who is a three year old, 20 pound, dark grey, Miniature Schnauzer boy with natural ears and tail. Benji has been in training since he was taken in by MSRH in June, due to aggressiveness towards men. He would tolerate a woman but was still unsure of being handled. With time and work he has shown improvement. We feel he would do best in a home environment with a single lady that wants to devote time for training. He is a one-person dog and thrives on the bond with his pet parent. He also does well with a routine and doesn't handle changes very well. We do not think he would do well in a home where there are children. He will also not do well in a home with another dog as long as he is having some behavioral issues. Benji has two more lessons that will be given free of charge to his new adopter. Once he has been adopted, we feel that these should start within the first 3 days in the home, as we don't want him to form any unhealthy habits. Also, these issues were in a kennel atmosphere but it could change for the better in a home setting and also when he is comfortable with new humans. If you have the patience and time for some training Benji just might be the boy for you.

Adoption Fee $450

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My name is Waldo and I am what you guys call, a Schnoodle. That's part Miniature Schnauzer and part Poodle - also known as a "Designer Dog". Yep that's me, Waldo. I am seven years old and weigh about 25 pounds. I am salt and pepper in color and have natural ears and a docked tail. My Foster Mom says that I would do better in a home with only one person as I was abused before I came to MSRH. I take Gabapentin for my back as I was kind of kicked around. I need a human that understands abused dogs and can love me anyway. I do like the other Schnauzer at her home and we love to play. Mom says to tell you that I get kind of scared when it storms but I am trying really hard not to be so afraid until those things pass. I also like to lay very close to my Foster Mom and get pets on my head and neck. I will give kisses to say thanks! I just need someone to love and to love me back!

Adoption $350



Hey guys, its me Hildi. And, do I have a lot to tell you. First of all I am what they call a senior gal at 13 years old and I weigh about 11 pounds. I am chocolate in color and have natural ears and a docked tail. Well, now that those things are out of the way, let's get to the important stuff. I may be thirteen, but I am a very active gal and love being outside sniffing stuff and looking around. I also get along just fine with the other dogs at my foster home. I may not have many teeth (actually, all of them have been pulled), but don't count me out on the eating field. I get along just fine with a little water on my kibble. I would love for someone to come along and just be my family. I may have forgotten to mention that my ears are one of my best features but the rest of me ain't bad either.

Adoption Fee $250




This cute little guy is Casper and Casper is one special guy if you are asking anyone at MSRH.  He is three years old and weighs about 10 pounds, is white with natural ears and a natural tail too. Casper has had some problems in his short life and one of them is with his legs. We operated on the left knee earlier this year and the right knee may need the same surgery.  If this is required MSRH will pay for it after he is adopted, within one year and if it is done at the MSRH Vet. Casper is going to require a very patient human and someone that will work with him on housetraining and not let him get by with marking his territory.  He is a real cutie and will make a great family pet as long as there are no small children.  He does get along with other dogs, though. Give him a try. Casper is worth a little patience and a lot of loving. 

Adoption Fee  $450




Alfred is a very nice Miniature Schnauzer. He is five years old, weighs about 21 pounds, is salt and pepper in color and has natural ears and tail. He LOVES to play ball and playing with his toys. He also loves being in your lap and in the big bed, if he is allowed. He is kennel trained, but will give you those sad eyes if he has to go in. He is also doggie door trained and will sit to receive his food. Overall, he is really a good, friendly dog. His only issue is if he meets new people and they reach to pet him, he might nip them. He needs to meet people slowly. At his foster home after the 2nd day there, he realized he could trust them and was very friendly. He would not do well with children and needs an experienced Schnauzer owner.

Adoption Fee $350

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