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If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues, please fill out the Adoption Form and mention which dog(s) you are interested in and we will contact you as soon as possible.



This is Benji who is a three year old, 20 pound, dark grey, Miniature Schnauzer boy with natural ears and tail. Benji has been in training since he was taken in by MSRH in June, due to aggressiveness towards men. He would tolerate a woman but was still unsure of being handled. With time and work he has shown improvement. We feel he would do best in a home environment with a single lady that wants to devote time for training. He is a one-person dog and thrives on the bond with his pet parent. He also does well with a routine and doesn't handle changes very well. We do not think he would do well in a home where there are children. He will also not do well in a home with another dog as long as he is having some behavioral issues. Benji has two more lessons that will be given free of charge to his new adopter. Once he has been adopted, we feel that these should start within the first 3 days in the home, as we don't want him to form any unhealthy habits. Also, these issues were in a kennel atmosphere but it could change for the better in a home setting and also when he is comfortable with new humans. If you have the patience and time for some training Benji just might be the boy for you.

Adoption Fee $450



Please take a look at Blaze.  He is a 3 year old, 14 pound, salt and pepper, male, Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  This little boy has lots of energy and he is very friendly.  He needs to be an only dog and should not go to an apartment.  He also knows how to use the doggy door.

Adoption Fee $450



Here comes Rocco.  This little 2 year old, 16 pound, male, black, Miniature Schnauzer is one of a kind!  He is high energy and needs ACTIVITY!  He has shown food aggression with other dogs, knows the doggy door, and is house trained.  Did we say he needs activity?  He needs a yard and lots of toys to play with to use up his energy and someone who is home most of the time would be better.  He also has shown separation anxiety when left alone.  Oh, yes, and he does jump, high.  He really needs a canine friend that has energy too, to play with.  And, a human that can give him some training would be a good thing as well.  Can you give this guy a chance?  

Adoption Fee $450



Gretta good_edited.jpg

Greta is a 13 year old senior lady with lots of love to give!  Gretta weighs about 30 pounds and is salt and pepper in color and has natural ears and a docked tail. She loves walks, but is also content laying next to you on the couch. She is housebroken and is always wagging her tail!  She gets along with the other senior dog at her Foster home, but has not been tested around cats.  

Adoption Fee $250




This cute, female, 4 year old, salt and pepper, Miniature Schnauzer, girl, who weighs 17 lbs. and has natural ears and a docked tail is Moxie.  Moxie needs a female adopter as she does not like men.  She is also a barker and would not do well in an apartment or condo environment.  She also needs to be an only dog as she does not get along with other dogs.  She loves going in and out the doggy door and is a very fast little girl. She will be an asset to an adopter that is willing to work with her.

Adoption Fee $450

Freddy good_edited.jpg


Freddy down_edited.jpg

Freddy is a 12-year-old, salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer.  He has natural ears, a cropped tail and weighs 17 lbs.  He is house and doggy door trained.   After losing his home and then his teeth Freddy feels most comfortable in a crate or dog bed.  He is leash trained and prefers short walks.  He's very quiet and mild-mannered.  He gets along with other dogs but doesn't interact with them.  Freddy is a low maintenance boy who just wants to keep you company.

Adoption Fee $250