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Stormi tilt_edited.jpg

This precious 5 yr. old, 18 pound, black and white, with natural ears and a docked tail, Miniature Schnauzer girl is Stormi.  Stormi came to rescue in a lot of pain, as she had Glaucoma and there was a lot of pressure on her eyes.  Unfortunately, the eye specialist Veterinarian told MSRH that both of her eyes had to be removed.  She is feeling so much better and is doing just fine. As soon as she knows her surroundings you might never think she can't see.  She needs a one-story home with no stairs. Stormi seems to get along with most other dogs, but she is a little bit alpha, maybe due to her eye problems.  She would be fine as an only dog so she could get all of your attention.  She also needs a human that is not afraid of her blindness and can love her just the way she is.  If that is you, you won't regret making Stormi part of your family.

Adpitontion Fee $350

Missy Ellie 


My name is Missy Ellie, but you can just call me anything you want to if you can give me a forever home.  I am a female, 9 yr. old, white, Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and docked tail.  The doctor says the reason I don't see as well as I should is cause I have something called SARDS.  But don't count me out cause I still like playing and getting lots of love.  Come and meet me, please!  

Adoption Fee $250


Liza good_edited.jpg

This little Miniature Schnauzer/Mix is very special.  You might even say she is a bit of a diva.  Liza is 11 years old and weighs about 10 pounds and is black and white in color with natural ears and tail.  She does get along with the other doggies at her foster home, but she would prefer to be the only dog in the house so she can get all of your attention.  Ever met a true diva?  

Adoption Fee $250

Daisy Lynn & Pepper

Daisy Lynn_edited.jpg

These girls must be adopted together as they have been together their entire lives.  Daisy Lynn is an 8 yr. old, 9 pound, black Miniature Schnauzer and Pepper is a 9 yr., 16 pound, salt and pepper,  Miniature Schnauzer.  Both have natural ears and docked tails.  They were given to MSRH by their owner who could no longer care for them.  They do not get along with other dogs and should go to a home with no other pets.  They are both beautiful girls and would enjoy being around a human who is home a lot of the time and can give them lots of love and attention.  And, everyone knows two is better than one!

Adoption Fee $500 for both. 



Let us introduce you to Anthony who is one little busy guy.  He is two years old and weighs about 19 pounds with natural ears and tail.  He is a black and white Miniature Schnauzer/mix boy.  He will counter surf if given the chance and is still working on the housetraining thing.  He does know the doggy door and is crate trained if he is not left more than 4 hours.  Anthony needs someone who will take the time to train and work with him and he will reward you with being your best friend.  

Adoption Fee $450



They call me Stewart and I guess that is a good name for me.  I am a 9 year old, 15 pound, blonde, Snorkie (that's Schnauzer and Yorkie) and I have natural ears and a docked tail.  My Foster Mom says I need an experienced human who has been around dogs previously.  And, I should not go to a home with children or grandchildren cause I am a little snappy.  Hey, I am still a cutie so if you don't have little kids running around and need a pal, come and meet me.  

Adoption Fee $250

Mia Day 

Mia Day_edited.jpg

This sweet little lady is Mia Day.  She is a black Miniature Schnauzer who is 8 years old and weighs about 15 pounds.  She has natural ears and tail.  She gets along and loves playing with all the other pups at her foster home, but has not been tested around  children. 

Adoption Fee $450


Jaxie good_edited.jpg

My name is Jaxie and I am 11 years young and weigh about 27 pounds.  I am a salt and pepper, Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  I have  mastered the doggie door and am 100% potty trained.  I am also kennel trained and will wait patiently for my animal cracker in my kennel when my foster mom leaves for work. I also do not have accidents or issues with marking!! I get along well with other dogs in my house and warm up fast to human friends too.  I also like the dog park!  I will bark initially at new humans, but I am not aggressive. Not sure how I would do with children or cats, as I have not been around them.  But other dogs are good and I do like to be the center of attention.  I may do better as only dog, so I can get all the love!  Although I have no teeth, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my appetite.  My foster mom adds water to a smaller bite size kibble to make it easier for me. I love to sunbathe outside, but I also enjoy inside with mom on the couch lounging around too. I was checked with the Vet and have no medical issues.  I guess you could say, I am just about perfect!
Adoption Fee $250

Rusty David  

Rusty David_edited.jpg

This goodlooking boy is Rusty David and he is a male, chocolate, Miniature Schnauzer who is 10 yrs. old, weights 20 lbs. and has natural ears and a docked tail. Rusty should go to a home that has Miniature Schnauzer experience and does not have children.  He knows the doggy door and will make his new human a great companion.  

Adoption Fee $250




How about a Cathy in your life?  If that sounds good to you then, here she is.  Cathy is a one and a half year old, 20 lb., female, salt and pepper, Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a docked tail.  This girl is oh so sweet with adults and other dogs, but absolutely no children under the age of 15.  We think she may have been hurt by a child or children in her previous home.  She is a smart girl and very loving.  Cathy also must have a fenced yard as she is high energy and loves to run and play.  She loves to chase a ball and play with her toys too.  No apartment for this girl as she is also a bit vocal.   She just needs the right family and we guarantee she will be your pal forever.  

Adoption Fee $450

Diesel Denny 

Diesel Denny Good_edited.jpg

Here comes Diesel Denny who is a one year old, 14 pound, black and silver, Schnauzer boy with natural ears and a docked tail.  Diesel is almost totally house trained and knows how to use a doggy door too.  He also likes to play and cuddle with his Foster Mom's son.  We believe he would do well with children over the age of 10.  He is still a puppy and would make a great pet for any family.

Adoption Fee $450


Toby cute_edited.jpg


This good-looking guy is Toby and he is 9 yrs. old, 18 lbs. and is a black, white parti, male, Miniature Schnauzer.  Toby gets along with all dogs and is very active for a nine year old.  He knows the doggy door and is oh so sweet.  He just wants to be loved.  Who could pass up this boy?   

Adoption Fee $250


Sparky rug_edited.jpg

Sparky is a 7 year old, 13 lb., white,  Miniature Schnauzer boy with natural ears and a docked tail and is missing his right hind leg.  He was hit by a car when he was 3 yrs. old and had to have it amputated.  He gets along well with other dogs and loves to spend time in his foster's  backyard sunbathing, running around with his foster brother and sniffing gently at his 3 foster turtle brothers that roam the yard.  His favorite activity is napping!  He likes to sleep on his back and snores loudly.  He was used to a doggie dog prior to coming to his foster family, but has transitioned well to using the backdoor and being crated when his humans are not around. He has no trouble running upstairs to see what his foster teenagers are doing.  Sparky is a quiet dog and rarely barks.  Most of the time he just lays on his bed and looks at you, even if you are eating something that smells delicious.  He likes to be brushed and will need to be brushed often to keep his fine coat from matting.  He will do well in a home that is not expecting him to be high energy.   He is not a lap dog, but does love to be scratched and petted. Sparky will make a wonderful companion with his easy-going, sweet personality.  Make him your forever friend today!

Adoption Fee $350


Miranda laying_edited.jpg

Hi folks, my name is Miranda.  I am a 7 year old, 13 lb., Miniature Schnauzer who is salt and pepper in color and I have a docked tail and natural ears.  I am also a very sweet  and happy girl with a fun personality!  I have lots of energy and love to play.  I also like to follow my human around just to see what is going on.  Heck, I don't want to miss anything.  I also like riding in the car and I am really good at cuddling and will sleep right next to you if you want.  I am potty and kennel trained and get along with other dogs too.  I know how to go outside through the doggy door.  I really like attention, as you probably can tell. So, please come and meet me.  I might even give you a kiss!

Adoption Fee $350


Maxine grass_edited.jpg


Maxine is a 13 lb., salt and pepper, mini schnauzer with natural ears and tail. She is 10 years old, doggie door, house and crate trained. She’s a quiet, obedient and alert little girl.  Maxine is a cuddle bug who doesn’t mind baths or getting groomed.  She loves to go for walks, and is an excellent no-fuss walking companion. She gets along with other dogs, but prefers to be in the company of her human. During her recent dental she lost a few teeth, but is on a regular kibble diet.  If you are looking for a mature, sweet and well behaved little lady, Maxine might just be the one for you.

Adoption Fee $250



Hi everyone!  My name is Loki and I am only 10 months old.  They say I weigh 10 pounds and am a white and chocolate Miniature Schnauzer boy with natural ears and a docked tail.  They also say I am a little food aggressive, and would do better as an only dog.  Hey, what is mine, is mine, how can that be too bad?  I also really prefer sleeping in a human bed, but a Kennel is ok, after I get over being in there for a couple of minutes.  I would not do well in an apartment cause I am a little loud (like when they put me in that kennel).  In my previous home there was a little 4 yr. old kid, that I kind of liked playing with so, I could probably get used to being around another one if you want to take me home with you. 

Adoption Fee $550