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You can contact MSRH in several different ways.  You can call us at 713-513-7811 (we’ll respond promptly to your message) or you can use the form below to direct your question to the appropriate group.  Whether you call or use the form below, please be sure to include your town / city so that we may better respond to your questions and needs.  Need to send a fax?  Send it to 1-888-334-0591!

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Volunteers (Foster Families and other Volunteers)
Please click the “Volunteer” page for more information.  If you’re interested in joining our rescue efforts please contact our volunteer coordinator, at or use the form below.

We have many fundraisers throughout the year.  These are usually communicated via our website (see Events Upcoming on the left hand menu), Facebook or email.  Question?  drop us a line at

To keep everyone informed about MSRH and related topics, we have created a monthly newsletter called, “The Schnauzer’s Paw”.  It’s full of interesting articles as well as recipes, success stories, MSRH updates and much more!  Join our mailing list (see above) to get “The Schnauzer’s Paw”.  To contact our newsletter editor with ideas, feedback or questions, please email

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If you have new ideas, comment or questions about our website, contact or use the form below.

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One thought on “Contact Us!”

  1. We adopted our dog from you several years ago approximately 4. He has been well taken care of and been through obedience training. he currently has a medical problem with some type of tumor on the pad of his left front paw and it is growing rapidly. We have been told by two different vets that the cost of treating this problem could run as much as $2000 and we are struggling to justify that amount of money even though we love him dearly. My question is do you have access to low cost vet services that could resolve this problem and allow him to be adopted by another family. Our choices are limited to either putting him down or spending money that is hard to justify. Please don’t feel we are heartless this decision is agonizing at best.

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