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Calendar Contest

The 2021 MSRH Calendar Contest starts Monday, June 22, 2020!


The MSRH 2021 Calendar Photo Contest is here! Are you ready?  Our goal this year is to exceed $15,000!  We hope you will share a photo of your schnauzer in the competition -- they must be miniature schnauzers (or mixes) and do not have to be rescued from MSRH.  The rescue with the most votes wins! Each vote will cost $1.


When is the Contest?
The contest kicks off at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, June 22 and runs until 9:00 p.m. August 7, 2020.  This will be our fifth year of hosting this competition.  Voting is only open during this time, so enter your photos and get your family and friends to vote for your mini.  Or select a cutie in the contest and add your votes to that contestant. 

How do I Enter?
Enter the contest at


Are there Rules for Submitting my Photos?

Yes. Here are the pertinent details:

  • Must be Miniature Schnauzers (or mixes) that were rescues. Do not have to be rescues from MSRH.

  • Photos can be from any year – past or current – and can include photos that were previously entered as long as they were not winners.

  • Each photograph must include only Schnauzers. No other dog breed or humans allowed in the photos.

  • Entries can be of a single dog or a group.

  • Digital photographs ONLY. We prefer the photo to be at least 2 megapixels with minimum size of 1600 X 1200 pixels. Higher resolution is preferred as photos of lesser resolution will not produce calendar-quality printed photographs.

  • No filters, text or watermarks.

  • Be sure the photo is in focus.

  • High resolution smart phone photos will be accepted.

  • Landscape mode is the preferred orientation, but portrait mode will be accepted.

  • All entries must be original work of the entrant. 

  • MSRH has final approval on all photos submitted.

  • OFFICIAL RULES can be found on the contest website


Are there Prizes?
YES!  We have some great prizes this year, including those awarded to our weekly challenge winners!  Don't miss out!  Visit our contest page to see the entire list available to each participant.

So ... keep your cameras handy to capture special moments of your furbaby playing with toys, guarding the backyard, snuggled up with a warm blankie, dressed to the nines, cavorting on vacation or something unique to just your mini. The beauty of Schnauzers and their antics never fail to delight, amuse and warm our hearts which is why so many look forward to the MSRH Calendar Contest and we keep selling out of calendars year after year.

Click on our calendars from past years shown on this page (images to the right), for ideas on the types of photos you might submit.


Still have Questions? Contact

Mini Memorial Page:

A time-honored calendar tradition exclusively reserved for the little ones adopted from MSRH is the Mini Memorial page honoring the lives of our beloved companions who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in late 2019 or 2020, and we thank everyone in advance for understanding why it is reserved for Schnauzers adopted from MSRH. These pictures should be emailed to, with the subject line “2021 Mini Memorial Page.

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