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Calendar Contest

The 2017 MSRH Calendar Contest begins May 1st, 2016!


Contest Rules:


  1. Pictures (of dogs only) should be emailed as an attachment to with the subject “2016 Calendar Contest” and must include the name of the dog(s) and owner and year of adoption. 

  2. Entries must be received no later than August 31, 2016.

  3. All adopted and/or rescued Miniature Schnauzers are eligible to enter, even if they were adopted from another organization.

  4. Multiple entries are allowed, so send as many as you want for each dog, but only one picture of each dog will be chosen for judging.

  5. Group photos are encouraged, welcome and a great option if you have a beautiful family of Schnauzers!

  6. Submissions must be a minimum resolution of 640×480 and at least 300 dpi (about 1MB).


Keep your cameras within arm’s reach to capture special moments of your bluebonnet beauties racing across a field or resting in a colorful bed of wildflowers, snorkling in the Bahamas, skateboarding, snuggled up in a warm blankie by a roaring fire, driving their Ferrari in the Grand Prix, surfing the big wave, on safari, climbing a tree, skydiving, leading a conga line or just romping with their furry friends. The beauty of Schnauzers and their antics never fail to delight, amuse and warm our hearts which is why so many look forward to the  MSRH Calendar Contest and we keep selling out of calendars year after year.


Please click on our calendars from past years shown on this page (images to the right), for ideas on the types of photos you might submit.


Mini Memorial Page:

A time honored calendar tradition exclusively reserved for the little ones adopted from MSRH is the Mini Memorial  page honoring the lives of our beloved companions who cross the Rainbow Bridge in 2015, and we thank everyone in advance for understanding why it is reserved for Schnauzers adopted from MSRH. Those pictures should also be emailed to, with the subject line “2016 Mini Memorial Page”.


Contest Voting:

Everyone who enters the contest can vote for their favorites and each contestant will be notified by email of the winners.  Keeping with tradition, the winners will be announced in September and calendars will go into production and be available for your special holiday purchases probably in late October or early November, but MSRH will announce when you can start placing your orders, so no worries!  


Every winning entry will receive ONE free calendar with the purchase of a 2nd calendar.  Costs are expected remain at around $27 each.


Thank you, everyone!  This is so much fun — we can’t wait to see all your beautiful pictures.   Okay, on the count of 3, comb those beards, and say, “TREAT!


If you need some ideas or just want to see beautiful pictures of Miniature Schnauzers, just click on the the calendars from previous years on the right.

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